Brooklyn's Bondage Nightmares

Release Date: Oct.30.2014
Running Time: 0:46:23
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Brooklyn Chase, Aubrielle Summer

Brooklyn Chase's quiet sleep is invaded by ropes, gags, snakes, horses and sexy tormentor Aubrielle Summer!

Tossing and turning under the covers, Brookyn's momentarily relieved when she apparently wakes up. But when she tries to move, the mystified girl discovers that she's tightly bound! As the covers disappear, bra-and-pantied Brooklyn writhes desperately on the bed; before long, her cries are muffled by strips of duct tape and her struggles limited by a wrist-ankle tether. That's when the bad dream becomes truly nightmarish: to Brooklyn's horror, she feels a snake slithering up her body until the serpent bares its fangs only inches from her face!

The next installment in Brooklyn's midnight theater of misery is less elementally terrifying, instead highlighting the theme of humiliation. Dressed for work in blouse, skirt and heels, bemused Brooklyn materializes on a table at her office; her body's securely roped and her shimmering lips separated by a white cleave. Workplace rival Aubrielle Summer watches with amusement while Brooklyn strains in her bonds, then commences her subjugation of the helpless captive by removing Brooklyn's shoes and tickling her stockinged soles! An instant later, Brooklyn's squirming on the floor under Aubrielle's mischievous naked feet, her own breasts bared and vulnerable to the merciless woman's toes!

Brooklyn's garbed for relaxation in a long pink silky robe and sandals, but the coils of black rope imprisoning her body from shoulder to ankles take her dream in another direction. Whimpering through a knotted black cleave, Brooklyn watches apprehensively as the robe opens progressively wider to expose her tits and pussy; intrusive hands slip the sandals from her bare feet. Although she twists and turns frantically in her bondage, Brooklyn remains a wide-eyed prisoner on her wicker couch! 

Lying helpless during her close encounter with a snake was hair- raising for Brooklyn and now another nightmare arrives that forces her to mount a horse! No, it's not flesh and blood but the wooden bondage horse serves Brooklyn up like an especially tasty dish to nemesis Aubrielle Summer. The voluptuous nude's pinned to the apparatus with her hands bound behind a post and her legs stretched out and tied down when a silent but smirking Aubrielle arrives with a ball-gag and pops it between Brooklyn's protesting lips. After enjoying the naked prisoner's pathetic wriggling, Aubrielle adds to Brooklyn's anguish by fondling and licking her breasts, then tickles her naked soles and sucks on her toes!

"Oh no, not again!" moans Brooklyn to herself when once again she feels the unwelcome embrace of a rope web! Clothed in a plaid miniskirt and black leather bustier, Brooklyn sits ball-tied on a square platform and eyes her surroundings warily as she chews on cloth stuffed in her mouth that's held in place by a wide black gag. The appearance of a hooded figure alarms her, but Brooklyn feels a glimmer of hope when he pulls down her gag and allows her to spit out the mouth packing; perhaps this dream will end with her rescue! No such luck, however, because the nightmare plunges ahead with Brooklyn transformed into a victim held on her knees by a twisted rope suspended from a ceiling chain. Breasts bared and pussy-lips spread by a crotch-rope, Brooklyn's forced to endure the crude gropings and ass- swattings of the creature she'd briefly imagined might release her from this ordeal! 

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