Daisy's Captivating Fantasies

Release Date: Aug.05.2011
Running Time: 0:49:44
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Daisy Marie, Vanessa Veracruz, Kendra James, Shazia Sahari, Cassandra Nix, Livia Godiva


When Vanessa Veracruz warns Daisy Marie that she's about to blow the whistle on her friend's inappropriate relationship, Daisy resents the interference! Dealing harshly with Vanessa, Daisy ties and cleave-gags her; as the busty brunette struggles against the efficient wrist-ankle tether restraining her, she exposes her breasts and falls on her side!


After a dubious plot fails, elfin blonde Livia Godiva's the primary victim: her petite naked body bound and crotch-roped, her small mouth stuffed with cloth held in place by a red cleave, Livia writhes and whimpers!


Red-haired spitfire Kendra James must have angered the wrong person, because she's tape-gagged and tightly roped to a padded blue chair, her legs spread wide! Kendra's especially indignant after her panties are pulled aside to bare her pussy!


A stunning surprise awaits Shazia Sahari when she returns home -- desperadoes who force her to strip, then truss up her voluptuous nude body! Fearfully aware of her peril, Shazia struggles ball-tied and cleave-gagged on the floor!


Naive Cassandra Nix is curious about bondage, but when she asks Nikki Nefarious to tutor her in the intricacies of ropework, she gets a much more rigorous demonstration than she bargained for! Her attempts to call an end to Nikki's rope-orgy stifled by a tape-gag, Cassandra thrashes about naked and helpless on her couch!


Daisy Marie happily accepted Vanessa Veracruz's offer of a massage, but bitterly regretted it after Vanessa overpowered her and roped her naked body to the massage table! Her alluring mouth cleaved with black cloth, Daisy moans in frustration while Vanessa patiently fondles her breasts and tickles her bare soles! 


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