Helpless Couples Bound And Gagged

Release Date: Jan.23.2014
Running Time: 0:49:30
Category: Captured Couples

Starring: Layla Sin, Jay Smooth, Charlotte Stokely, Chad, Cali Logan, Lance, Aleigha Hotstein, Brad, Ashley Rose, KB, Tiffany Marshall, John Cameron

Lovely brunette Layla Sin is tied naked on top of her helpless lover Jay Smooth who is tied down to the bed spread-eagled. Struggling to free themselves their cries for help are muffled by the cloth gags stuffed into their mouths.

Tape gagged blonde Charlotte Stokely is tied topless and in need of some help from her big strong lover Chad. But unfortunately for her he's just as tied up as she is and in no position to save her.

After the intruder finds his loot, he ball-gags and ties the helpless honeymooners in the bedroom, first with Lance roped to a dresser and Cali Logan seated on top of it before she's hogtied.

Burlesque beauty Aleigha Hotstein falls prey to a competitor who ropes up the vivacious brunette in her leopard-print mini-dress and red suede pumps! Tethered to a hassock, the cleave-gagged cutie breathes a sigh of relief when handsome boyfriend Brad arrives to rescue her, but the square-jawed stud falls flat as a hero! When the dust clears, Brad's sitting in bondage on the floor and grunting through his tape-gag; a more drastically subjugated Aleigha lies hogtied on the hassock, her feet bare and her mouth sealed with duct tape!

There's been a break-in at the dungeon and now Mistress Ashley Rose experiences that bound and gagged feeling! Ball-gagged and crotch-roped, Ashley writhes in unhappy solitude until slave KB joins her! Trussed-up in his briefs and tape-gagged, the cringing sub struggles next to Ashley Rose, then KB gets to know her up close and personal when they're roped face to face!

Innocent couple, Tiffany Marshall and John Cameron are victimzed by a preditory pair. They are held in bondage and silenced with tape gags while thieves clean them out!

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