Knotty Problems Stump Smart Girls

Release Date: Jan.06.2012
Running Time: 0:45:6
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Randy Moore, Tiffany Marshall, Sherri Reynolds, Kim Carter, Sophia Jade, Layla Rose


Held as a bound and gagged hostage, feisty Randy Moore defies the men by laboriously edging her beautiful body down a staircase, kicking off her shoes and attempting to open the door with her stockinged toes!


A relaxing interlude on the patio turns terrifying for businesswomen Tiffany Marshall and Sherri Reynolds when they're seized and hustled indoors, where they're securely tied, tape-gagged and tethered together while their house is ransacked!


Surrounded by evidence of the break-in that's victimized her, cleave- gagged and tightly-bound secretary Kim Carter strains against the knotted ropes immobilizing her small body!


The partner-in-crime who Sophia Jade double-crossed exacts revenge by roping Sophia to a chair, stifling her protests with a black cleave-gag, then forcing her to return the dirty money by fondling the squirming captive's bare breasts!


A devious grifter corners undercover girl Layla Rose, then taunts the busty little brunette once she's writhing trussed-up and helpless on the kitchen floor, her frightened cries muffled by a dark cloth tied over her mouth! 


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