Bare-Skinned Struggles

Release Date: Aug.24.2012
Running Time: 0:43:20
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Aaliyah Love, Scarlett Fay, Charlotte Stokely, Elle Alexandra, Lilly Banks, Nikki Scott

Scarlett Fay takes on a very different persona as a mysterious woman clad in fatigues who evidently needs to change her attire! Aaliyah Love becomes the unlucky donor of Scarlett's new look when she's seized in her kitchen, forced to strip, then trussed up and tape-gagged by the ungrateful intruder! Understandably aroused by Aaliyah's bare-breasted and vulnerable body, Scarlett fondles her protesting prisoner before placing her on the kitchen counter with her legs frogged and linked to her chest! Before making her exit in Aaliyah's dress, Scarlett can't resist pulling down her angrily murmuring victim's panties as a farewell gesture.

There's big trouble at the massage parlor when salacious intruders make naked captives of Charlotte Stokely and Elle Alexandra! Long hair flows around their bound breasts and slender bodies strain against strands of black rope that restrain them as they balance uneasily on bare feet! After gagging Elle and Charlotte with duct tape, their captors climax the whimpering girls' bondage by pinning them chest to chest with one rope around their waists and another that links their bound wrists and tweaks their pussies!

Napping in bra and panties, sweet blonde starlet Lilly Banks receives a scary wake-up call when her apartment's invaded! Ordered to duct tape her own mouth, then lie submissively on her stomach, Lilly shivers bound and gagged until she believes that her captor's departed! Then the spirited girl rolls about on her bed and battles against her bondage until she's reminded that the intruder's still on-site! To emphasize who's in charge, Lilly's tormentor bares her breasts and augments the ropework with a chest-to-knees connection that minimizes the unhappy girl's mobility!

Even if you don't like art, we bet you know what you like, and there's a lot to like about this erotically-charged nude study of Nikki Scott's luxurious body bound with white rope that's highlighted by a swath of black cloth that covers her mouth! Literally cornered, Nikki's forced to stand and display her enticing breasts and pussy, then sinks onto the hardwood floor, where her gyrations reveal the full allure of her curvaceous bare feet!

A surreal interlude becomes all too real for Scarlett Fay after she enters an eerily empty dining room and unwisely sips from a glass of wine! In an instant, Scarlett's clothes have disappeared and she's struggling naked on the dining table, her nude body roped into a ball-tie and her lips stretched around a bright-red ball- gag! The bewildered young woman twists energetically and finally rolls onto her side, but remains securely embraced by bonds that include a toe-tie until she's suddenly returned to reality -- whatever that may be!

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