Grab and Bind: Natalie Mason

Release Date: Jun.29.2012
Running Time: 0:36:15
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Natalie Mason

As a handcuffed and tapegagged Natalie Mason wriggled across the kitchen floor to find the key to her release hidden in an ice cube, she flashed back on an extraordinary day that began with a frightening surprise and continued with bondages that made the alluring brunette a pawn in her captor's perverse game!

An instant after she returned home, Natalie was overpowered, restrained with plastic ties and gagged with duct tape! Attired in a casual top, bike shorts and flip flops, Natalie feared the worst, but relaxed slightly when her wickedly jovial captor explained that he merely was interested in testing her ability to escape a series of different restraints! Her efforts to free herself from each unyielding tie were futile, of course, and merely set the stage for the next type of immobility!

Dressed in jeans and barefoot, a cleave gagged Natalie struggled unsuccessfully against tight strands of thin white rope pinning her to a bar stool!

Natalie squirmed on her couch, her slender body defeated by white cord and her anguished gasps muffled by the white tape covering her mouth!

Despite Natalie's increasing weariness, her ruthless tormentor ratcheted up the pressure by hogtying Natalie on the couch, where the barefoot prisoner's pathetic attempts to free herself continued to meet with failure!

Black tape replaced rope as the restraints around Natalie's wrists, ankles and thighs, and a long black rope anchored to a second floor balcony pulled her hands above her head, while white tape once more quieted the indignant captive!

Near exhaustion but still gamely straining against her bonds, Natalie encountered rope for the final time in a bondage that pinned ankles to thighs and restrained her wrists tantalizingly at her side; white cloth tied between her lips and cord snaring her big toes completed the web that kept poor Natalie snared!

Natalie's ordeal ended after the intruder left her cuffed in the kitchen and informed her that he'd frozen the handcuff key into one of the ice cubes held in a goblet on the floor. Once she had finally freed herself, Natalie rushed to the phone and blurted out her shocking tale to the police!

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