Kylie And Katie's Bondage Thrills

Release Date: May.09.2016
Running Time: 0:50:32
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kylie Quinn, Katie Lynn

Kylie Quinn and Katie Lynn -- look at the trouble these girls got in!

Kylie's a distressed nude damsel once again, this time being held by wicked Ashley Lane in the back of her van! Gagged with duct-tape and tightly tied, the wide- eyed little brunette endures Ashley's fondling while awaiting the arrival of the bad girl's sinister boss. When he does show up, Ashley's in for a nasty surprise; soon she's also naked, bound and tape-gagged as she sits next to Kylie on the floor! Aware that yet more villains are on the way, Kylie and Ashley writhe frantically and roll onto their sides during their failed attempts to free themselves!

Eye-catching blonde Katie Lynn has been troubled by both nightmares and daydreams filled with bondage imagery, so she takes her psychic issues to a therapist who urges her to try aversive conditioning. For this dubious professional, that translates to tying up Katie and urging her to struggle energetically; over time, her physical experience of restraint will help her extinguish the unwanted fantasies. Unwanted by Katie, that is, because it appears that the therapist has a few of his own -- by the end of the session, Katie's been tape-gagged and she's struggling barefoot and bare-breasted on the couch!

Kylie faces her most daunting challenge yet after she's reduced to her birthday suit once more and subdued with rope on top of a small wooden desk. Her pink-nailed bare toes curled over the edge of the desk, Kylie squirms cautiously in her precarious position, but her potential for mobility diminishes to an even greater extent after she's rolled onto her stomach and hogtied! Eyes pleading above the white tape covering her mouth, toe-tied Kylie arches courageously, though she's soon aware that escape is out of the question!

Katie's encounter with bondage has just begun, much to her distress; surprised when sleeping in her bed, she's ordered out of her thong leotard, then her lithe body's coiled with rope and her lips sealed with duct-tape! Toe-tied Katie vigorously tests the ropework as she sits against the bed's headboard, then rolls onto her side, but the unseen intruder's not finished with her! Lovely Katie's about to discover the grueling reality of the hogtie and though she battles it with a spunky resolve that arches her torso well above the bed's surface, it's the knotted web that wins in the end!

Time for sweet little Kylie to go for a ride on the Bondage Horse, stripped of all her clothing of course! There's plenty of rope covering Kylie's naked body and pinning her to the apparatus as she sits bound to the post with her legs stretched out! Tape-gagged Kylie naturally has a difficult time voicing her objections, although she's especially indignant after her legs are spread and tied back on either side to expose her pussy! 

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