Are You Really Going To Bind And Gag Me

Release Date: May.09.2016
Running Time: 0:44:52
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Kristen Scott, Shaye Rivers, Kylie Quinn, Katie Lynn, Jillian Janson, Phoebe Queen

When Kristen Scott caught light-fingered Shaye Rivers helping herself to a fat envelope of cash belonging to one of their housemates, Shaye overpowered the smaller girl and kept her from squealing with ropes and gag! But when the sexy thief was double-crossed by her boyfriend, Shaye joined Kristen on the floor as a bound and gagged struggler! Despite their best efforts, the barefoot pair shared each other's company much longer than they would have preferred.

She was already seated tightly bound with her legs dangling over the edge of her desk, so Kylie Quinn didn't understand why it was necessary for the burglar to stuff cloth in her mouth and secure it with strips of duct-tape! But for this cautious character, bound and gagged go together like ham and eggs, so even though Kylie was sweetly appealing in her pink blouse, black skirt and pantyhose, she was no exception to the rule! It did seem mean-spirited, however, that he later spread Kylie's legs by hitching her ankles to opposite ends of the desk, then opened the blouse to expose her breasts! 

Courageous junior exec Katie Lynn ran with the briefcase the thug was after but was caught before she could make it through the front door! Gagged with duct tape and tied up, Katie stood balancing on her black pumps next to the door until she was lowered onto the floor and folded onto her hip with a waist-ankle tether! When a friend knocked on the door, Katie briefly hoped that her ordeal was over, but the daring crook explained through the peephole that she had left earlier while the bound, gagged and barefoot girl strained against her bonds only a few feet away! 

Innocent blonde secretary Jillian Janson was appealingly dressed for work in her blouse, skirt, pantyhose and heels, but instead sat bound to a chair with a length of white cloth tied between her lips! Held as a pawn to be exchanged for an associate of her boss's shady rival, Jillian squirmed in disbelief at her plight, especially after a kinky henchwoman couldn't resist getting a look at her bare breasts and stockinged feet!

After an intruder ordered Phoebe Queen to open the office safe, she expected that he'd leave her bound and gagged before absconding with the safe's contents. Phoebe was right about the bondage but wrong about the location because the thief took her along to assist in dealing with the documents he'd stolen; trussed with tan rope and gagged with a black cleave, the bespectacled little brunette lay face- down on a bed, her ankles tethered to its headboard! Before releasing Phoebe, the shameless man folded her onto her hip against the headboard, where she writhed in bare- breasted embarrassment and arched her small stockinged feet! 

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