Tight Ropes And Twisted Emotions

Release Date: Jan.18.2013
Running Time: 0:48:8
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Niki Lee Young, Randy Moore, Kimberly Gates, Kelly Anderson, Melody Jordan, Bailey Blue, Alyssa Reece

Niki Lee Young tried to get far, far away from Randy Moore, whose admiration for Niki had turned toxic! But Randy hunted her down and, after binding and cleave- gagging Niki, she pulled up the helpless girl's sweater as she knelt on her bed and tormented her nipples! After she satisfied her desire for domination, Randy took Niki's shoes as a trophy, then hogtied her!

It's Randy's turn to writhe in bondage when Niki surprises her and takes revenge! Her voluptuous body securely tethered on the floor, Randy's powerless to prevent Niki from stuffing cloth between her lips and holding it in place with a black over- mouth gag! After she bares Randy's breasts and feet, then handles them ruthlessly, Niki's payback culminates when she pushes the helpless woman onto her side and uses Randy as a footstool!

Grabbed by a hooded crook as she leaves for an important meeting, junior exec Kimberly Gates stands bound in the corner until she slips off her heels and tries to hop out the door! When she's caught by her captor, he puts an end to Kimberly's hopes of escape by hobbling her wrist-to-ankle on the floor, where the innocent young businesswoman strains against unyielding bonds and murmurs unhappily around a thick black cleave!

Blackmail's a weapon that can boomerang, as Kelly Anderson discovers when she attempts to profit from her knowledge of Melody Jordan's affair with a VIP! Trussed-up and tape-gagged by Melody, Kelly waits fearfully for the associate who will aid Melody in solving her embarrassing problem! But Melody's unpleasantly surprised when the VIP's henchman utilizes the same solution that she applied to Kelly: ropes tightened around her buxom body and tape sealing her lips!

A security guard's obsession with Bailey Blue escalates into a frightening afternoon of bondage for Bailey and co-worker Alyssa Reece! After tying the lovely blonde secretary to a chair and taping her mouth, the crazed guard forces Alyssa to fondle Bailey's breasts! When he decides it's time to resign, he trusses up Alyssa in similar fashion and leaves the girls struggling together!

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