Grab And Bind: Summer Brielle

Release Date: Aug.24.2012
Running Time: 0:47:42
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Summer Brielle

As a creative stimulus, egomaniacal sculptor Raoul arranges ultra- voluptuous model Summer Brielle in a series of challenging bondages!

A stunning vision of blonde glamour in her tight black minidress, Summer auditions for the eccentric artist. Raoul's enchanted by Summer's magnificent body and immediately tests her capacity for posing under unusual circumstances by winding rope around her wrists, arms and chest and gagging her. Intrigued by the challenge, Summer undulates provocatively but when Raoul crosses the line by baring her breasts, the bound girl objects strenuously! Ruthless Raoul scornfully dismisses her protests, ropes her knees and ankles and raises her dress to expose her pussy; aware now that she's in the clutches of a madman and literally cornered, Summer intermittently balances on tiptoe as she struggles fearfully!

Raoul's now convinced that Summer is the ideal model who will inspire him to new peaks of creativity, so he feverishly devises new and eccentric posing situations for his captive muse! Depriving Summer of her dress, he seats the naked girl on a bench, hands tied behind her back and breasts ingeniously bound; spreading her legs wide, Raoul ornaments Summer's midsection with a crotch-rope. Raoul ignores the pathetic pleas muffled by her black overmouth gag, but praises the emotional sincerity of her vigorous writhing!

Callous Raoul ratchets up his demands on Summer's endurance by trussing her into a submissive kneeling position; a white cleave gag neatly counterpoints black rope twined tautly around the curvaceous nude! After she's squirmed on her knees long enough to satisfy the deranged sculptor, he tips Summer onto her side and tethers her wrist- to-ankle; while the unfortunate model strains against her bonds, Raoul exults at the wonders of his inventiveness!

There's no denying Raoul's creativity after he contorts Summer into a novel position: sprawled across an armchair, her hands pinioned securely behind her head, her right leg frogged while the left stretches separately across the chair-arm, the mad artist's muse twists and arches in barely-there lingerie! Unable to resist temptation, Raoul pulls aside the tiny bits of cloth hiding Summer's amazing orbs; there's no need to adjust the semi-transparent tape covering her cloth- stuffed mouth!

Satisfied that he's molded Summer into his vision of an ideal model, Raoul subjects her to a bondage of classic simplicity. Trussed into a hogtie and gagged with duct tape, the athletic beauty's breasts still arouse the depraved artist as she arches desperately on her stomach and rolls onto her side! When Raoul finally releases Summer from her restraint and declares her audition a magnificent success, she's understandably indignant -- how will she make her captor pay for his outrageous behavior?

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