The Jelena-Trillium Bondage Showcase

Release Date: Sep.26.2016
Running Time: 0:48:42
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Jelena Jensen, Trillium

A favorite from the past, an enticing newcomer -- and Britney Amber's looking good too! 

Welcome back, Jelena Jensen! Jelena is stunning in a tiny piece of lingerie that almost appears to be painted onto her body! Eyes wide above her duct- tape gag, the voluptuous star sits tethered to a purple lounge and strains against her bondage with vigorous futility that reveals every aspect of those amazing breasts and toe-tied bare feet! Jelena's elegantly-arched feet are even more prominently featured after she's rolled onto her stomach; the tether now pins down her ankles and immobilizes naked soles that just beg to be tickled!

Standing supported by rope and chain, raven-haired Jelena Jensen balances barefoot and mouths a ball-gag that elicits a steady stream of drool that spills down onto her stunning rope-framed breasts! The thrilling imagery wouldn't be complete without an additional coil to tease Jelena's pussy; crotch- roped and indignant, the exotic beauty twists and turns but she can't escape our gaze!

From the cloth stuffing in her mouth to the string tying her toes, innocent little Trillium has received a rude introduction to the world of bondage! Secured to a chair by coils of tan rope around her white dress, Trillium twists tentatively and murmurs through the duct tape covering her mouth as she senses that her restraint is inescapable! A final unpleasant surprise ensues for the bewildered girl when her dress is adjusted to expose her breasts!

Standing wide-eyed and cornered, Trillium's lost her dress but gained a strategically-placed rope between her pussy-lips! Once again, the petite nude unsuccessfully strains against her ropework, then makes a desperate attempt to slip away by hopping across the floor. But the feisty little blonde doesn't get far and regrets her impulsive choice after she's transferred to a horizontal position on a dining table -- hogtied, tape-gagged and toe-tied, Trillium's only hope is a hero riding to the rescue! 

When luscious model Britney Amber attempts to renegotiate her deal with a volatile photographer, the outcome's a very restrictive one for her! Naked, tape- gagged, bound and tethered to the headboard of the bed where she'd been posing, Britney writhes on her knees but only succeeds in contorting herself into a very awkward position on her hip! The nasty shutterbug decides that his busty model requires even more immobilizing ropework, so an indignant Britney's lowered onto her stomach into a cross-ankled hogtie!

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