Kylie And Lena: Smart Girls Bound And Gagged

Release Date: Sep.26.2016
Running Time: 0:48:18
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Lena Shelby, Kylie Nicole

How could Kylie Nicole ever have guessed that her computer expertise would result in bondage for both her and best friend Lena Shelby? 

Lena Shelby was just getting undressed when a rope-bearing intruder turned her day upside down! Trussed up in her bra and panties and gagged with a thick white cloth, Lena sat meekly on a couch as she learned that the intimidating man was there to utilize the skills of her housemate, computer whiz Kylie Nicole. When he briefly left her alone to prepare a warm welcome for Kylie, Lena slipped onto the floor and wriggled toward the bathroom, where she'd left her phone. Caught in the act, Lena was disciplined with a hogtie that left her face-down on the couch! 

When the bespectacled Kylie returned home from her IT job, the petite blonde was confronted by a hard-faced man who handed her a laptop and ordered her to hack into a website in which he had a significant though quite illegal interest! He added the warning that her pretty housemate was lying gagged and hogtied in the bedroom, just in case Kylie had any thoughts of playing games with him. After Kylie nervously completed the assignment, she sat dazed on the living-room couch, neat as always in her jacket, skirt and heels, but with the addition of rope subduing her small body and a black cleave-gag between her lips! And when Kylie, like Lena, attempted to edge toward the door while the sinister figure checked her work, she too was rewarded with a hogtie! 

Released from the hogtie but still tightly bound, a bewildered Kylie curled up in her stockinged feet on the living-room carpet and listened to the gag- muffled sounds coming from the room where Lena was being held. Only moments later, Lena joined her on the floor and the two friends murmured apprehensively through the duct- tape covering their mouths as they huddled next to each other. Their togetherness was quickly terminated, however, when Kylie was released to continue her digital servitude; Lena struggled alone and rolled onto her side after the mean-spirited crook bared her breasts! 

Lena and Kylie locked eyes and could almost read each other's thoughts -- the bastard just would't leave! Kylie was stripped to her panties and Lena's bra had disappeared; both innocent housemates were pinned to wooden chairs by oppressive rope webs and gagged with white tape. Sadly aware that they were overmatched by their restraints, the unfortunate girls refused to surrender and twisted vigorously against the ropes that mocked their weakness! Then, once again, Kylie was freed from her bonds and ordered back to the laptop while Lena was left in anxious solitude! 

When the ruthless predator exhausted Kylie's usefulness, he returned her to bondage, seated next to Lena on the floor in front of the living-room couch; naked and tape-gagged, their hearts beat fast as they waited to be relieved of his sinister presence. Their legs stretched out with ankles crossed, Lena and Kylie twisted impatiently but their movements became even more awkward after a parting gift of ropework that folded their bare feet close to their thighs. After ensuring that his nude hostesses would be unable to get up, he casually showed himself out, satisfied that the muffled cries follwing him would fail to attract attention for hours to come! 

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