Classroom Takeover

Release Date: May.20.2011
Running Time: 0:43:18
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Kennedy Kressler, Candle Boxxx


When a disgruntled school janitor explodes into delusional violence and takes a teacher and student hostage, their classroom becomes a prison for Candle Boxxx and Kennedy Kressler!


As teacher Candle delivers a sedate lecture on art history to Kennedy, both women are disturbed by loud noises, then stunned when the wild-eyed janitor bursts through the classroom door! Paralyzed by fear, they allow him to bind and gag them, then sit fearfully next to each other on the desk while their captor rants at the authorities! Elegant in blouse, skirt and heels despite her bondage, Candle tries to communicate with jeans and sandals-clad Kennedy, despite the handicap of their tape gags! With great effort, they maneuver themselves back-to- back but draw the irate attention of the demented janitor!


To their surprise, the madman unties Kennedy, then lists the demands he wants her to communicate to the police and allows her to leave -- but warns her that if she doesn't return, Candle will pay the price! To emphasize the seriousnessof his threats, he strips the lovely teacher naked, then tape-gags her and places her bound body on the floor, where Candle struggles energetically, but takes care to avoid the heated radiator to which her legs have been roped!


After Kennedy courageously returns to the classroom, she too is stripped bare! Motivated by his boiling rage at the faculty and students who he believes hold him in contempt, the janitor ropes the tiny blonde into her teacher's lap as she sits in a chair and cleave-gags both! While the helpless women writhe and watch his antics with terror-filled eyes, their tormentor ignores them and continues to plot his revenge!


The psycho janitor's hatred of authority and perverse sense of humor combine to place Candle on the floor, her wrists roped separately to her ankles, while Kennedy sits bound and tape- gagged in the chair above her, the delicate student's tiny foot tied into her teacher's mouth!


The end game begins with the janitor's psychosis going into overdrive; while he prepares for the police to make their move, he stands the tape-gagged, tightly-trussed and crotch-roped Candle and Kennedy against the wall of the classroom farthest from the door! Near exhaustion but still defiant, the hostages wriggle close to each other and attempt to peel off their tape-gags!


Determined that Candle and Kennedy be entirely secured when the crucial moment arrives, the mad janitor hogties them on the floor, where the naked and bound teacher continues her brave struggles! But just as their plight appears bleakest, rescue arrives for the two defenseless women and the janitor's crazed scheme collapses! 


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