Grab and Bind: Summer Gentry

Release Date: May.20.2011
Running Time: 0:45:22
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Summer Gentry, Claire Adams


"Why did I treat Summer Gentry to a serious bondage workover? Because for me, "Stand By Your Man" isn't just a song to hum along with! Look, my man isn't perfect; he's got a weaknessfor gambling and he thinks he's a hell of a lot better pool player than he actually is! So I wasn't surprised when he admitted that the casual game of pool he'd started out with had mushroomed into a disaster that was going to cost us $50,000! No way was I going to let some blonde bimbo rip us off like that just because my husband's a little soft in the head!


"So I paid Summer a visit and asked her politely to return the money she'd fleeced from my husband. Summer laughed and told me very impolitely to get the hell off her property! That's when I grabbed her and proceeded with my plan: if she won't give back the money the easy way, I'd take it from her the hard way! So I used the rope I brought to tie the bitch to a post in her backyard, then quieted her nasty mouth with a cloth tied between her lips! I had to admit that Summer looked pretty hot standing there in her short skirt and heels; no wonder my poor guy got shafted on his pool cue so easily! Just to remind her who was in charge, I wedged her boobs out of the dress, squeezed them in a friendly way, pulled up the dress to flash her panties, then promised her that the fun was just beginning!


"When I removed her gag and demanded the money, Summer responded in predictable four-letter fashion so I dragged her inside, blindfolded her, roped her to a chair so her bare feet were raised up nice and vulnerable, then turned on my trusty electric toothbrush! Any doubts about Summer's ticklishness vanished as she howled while I ran the vibrating bristles up and down her wriggling soles! But the stubborn bitch refused to crack and turn over the money, so I taped her mouth -- God, was I sick of hearing her voice -- roped her down to the chair and tried to come up with a way to motivate Summer to cough up the cash she'd squirreled away!


"OK, I admit things sort of got away from me then. I trussed up Summer really tight on the bed with her thighs roped to her ankles and laid the tape on her mouth nice and thick! I played around with her tits some more, squeezing hard enough to let her know I was getting impatient, and laid into her feet with the toothbrush again! But Summer kept shaking her head, letting me know she wasn't going to give up her loot anytime soon! The trouble was, as much as I disliked her, Summer was getting to me -- bound and gagged in her panties, struggling around like she was, those boobs bouncing around -- she ignited some of the emotions I'd kept pretty well suppressed most of my life! Fantasies about beautiful women submitting to me -- or forcing me to submit to them!


"And then Summer brought that second fantasy to life! All of a sudden she rolled over and grabbed a pistol that she must have kept hidden under her pillow! Even with her hands tied behind her back, Summer was able to aim it at me and indicate that she'd shoot if I didn't untie her! Once she was free, Summer used my own ropes to tie me a lot more roughly than I'd done to her! She made me lie face down on the floor after tying my hands and arms, then bound my feet to my thighs. Even before she picked up the brush and turned it on, I somehow knew that she was going to get payback by tormenting my soles! And was she ruthless -- I thrashed around and squealed behind my gag until I thought I'd pass out as the unbearable sensations inflamed my feet! But, just like I did, Summer got distracted by her fun, so she never heard the intruder coming.


"Surprise, surprise -- it was my man! He knew me pretty well and figured that I'd gone to confront Summer, so he followed me over. Together we convinced Summer that we were serious about getting our money back and that things could get really unpleasant for her if she held out any longer! Once we had the cash back, I decided to lay one more lesson on our slutty hustler by tying her up in nothing but her undies on the pool table! Before leaving, I stuffed a few bills in the waistband of her panties, then laughed as she cursed me through her gag! I don't know if Summer got loose before one of her cronies found her, but I hope somebody got the thrill of walking in on her squirming around in the middle of her own little pool hall. Oh yeah, and that Summer got a giant dose of humiliation. As for me, I guess I'll keep standing my my man -- but only after breaking his pool cue!" 


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