Grab and Bind: Nikki Nova and Candle Boxxx

Release Date: May.20.2011
Running Time: 0:47:36
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Nikki Nova, Candle Boxxx

Who would ever believe that beautiful housemates Candle Boxxx and Nikki Nova had once been gangster girls? One year ago, they fled from their criminal partners and took with them the cash they used to set up the pleasant and peaceful life they now enjoy together. The girls did an efficient job of covering their tracks, but they weren't quite careful enough -- and today's the day their past will come calling!


As Candle relaxes on the couch in skimpy lingerie, two gangsters burst into the living room and seize her! A cloth is tied between her lips and she's bound hand and foot; the female gang member wastes no time in pulling down her top and playing with her breasts! She then drags the frightened and squirming Candle onto the floor, ropes her more restrictively and has more fun playing with the helpless girl's lush body! When Nikki returns, she too is bound, cleave gagged and left to struggle next to Candle! Believing that their captives are thoroughly intimidated, the vengeful thugs remove Nikki's gag and demand that she reveal the location of the remaining loot! Nikki's quick to admit that she and Candle have stashed the money in a safety deposit box at a local bank, so the girls are separated: Nikki will go to the bank with one of their captors while Candle will remain at the house as a hostage!


Unfortunately for Candle, the girl holding her hostage had often clashed with her when both were gang members; now Loren is eager to settle old grudges! So she strips Candle naked, trusses her tightly to a post in the living room, crotchropes, blindfolds and ballgags her! Terrified at her vulnerability, Candle once again writhes as Loren runs her hands over her quivering flesh, sqeezes her nipples, even uses an electronic toothbrush to tickle her with cruel intensity!


Eager to extend the hostage's ordeal, Loren releases Candle from the post, only to make her on to her stomach next to a picture window! Candle's humiliation continues as Loren hogties her, stuffs cloth in her mouth and seals her lips with tape! After helping herself to handfuls of the writhing captive's breasts, Loren leaves her with the reminder that payback is far from complete! Numb with fear, Candle strains hopelessly against her bonds, tormented by dark thoughts of how the day might end for her and Nikki!


Suddenly, Nikki is there, along with the enraged gang leader. It's Candle, not Nikki, whose signature is necessary to open the box and get the money! Nikki had tried to escape but wasn't quick enough, so now she'll endure the humiliation of nude bondage while Loren accompanies Candle to the bank and retrieves the cash -- or else! As Nikki sits naked, bound and tape gagged on a chair, she shudders at the laser like stare of the ruthless criminal she'd hoped to escape forever! What would happen once these heartless people got what they came for?


Nikki's fearful fantasies come to an abrupt end once Candle and Loren return! His face contorted into an ugly sneer, the gang leader announces that recovery of the cash has put him in a good mood and that he's going to give his former associates a break! The day will end with Nikki and Candle unharmed, but still bound, naked and much poorer than when it began! Sitting side by side on their bed, tape gagged and immobilized by lotus ties, the girls endure Loren's rough caresses one more time -- and wince at her threat to return when they least expect her! Once she departs, all that Candle and Nikki can do is to sigh in relief that the worst is over , then struggle awkwardly as they try to help each other escape from the bondage that has overwhelmed their lives! 


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