Naked Girls Tied Up Tight!

Release Date: Apr.05.2014
Running Time: 0:45:51
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Charlotte Stokley, Rikki Six, Lyla Storm, Sierra Nevada, Gulliana Alexis, Shae Snow, Emily Kae

Blonde binds blonde when slinky Rikki Sixx takes possession of wide-eyed Charlotte Stokely's tautly-roped naked body! Standing in black lingerie and heels behind Charlotte, Rikki tweaks her barefoot prisoner's nipples both before and after gagging her with duct tape. Charlotte's plight becomes more arduous when Rikki hogties her, then gleefully spanks her and tests the sensitivity of her bare soles!

It was one of those invitations that Lyla Storm attempted to reject but her host wasn't about to take NO for an answer! Forced into the backyard, Lyla's black cocktail dress and white pumps starkly contrast with the weathered wooden table on which she lies bound and ball-gagged. Her heart racing and eyes wide with fear, Lyla writhes her way into a hogtie; barefoot now, the emotional captive arches and drools while the cruel captor tickles her ribs!

Sweet and innocent Sierra Nevada is no sooner released from her initial bondage (see FB-390!) than the slender blonde's stripped naked and bound on her knees! Sierra's voice is muffled by duct tape, but her rope-framed pussy-lips are prominently displayed as she challenges her restraint. Even after her bare feet are yanked close to her hands in a hogtie, Sierra arches and twists in defiance of her predicament!

Irresistably attracted by sunbather Giuliana Alexis, an obsessed neighbor surprises her poolside! After depriving Giuliana of her bikini, the shameless voyeur watches breathlessly as the panic-stricken nude captive squirms in the bondage he's provided. Cleave-gagged Giuliana never stops struggling despite the addition of a wrist-ankle tether that forces her to lie on her side.

Rope-bearing intruders interrupt a bedroom snugglefest between Shae Snow and Emily Kae so they can turn the frightened girls into their personal bondage dolls. Trussed up and unclothed except for their pantyhose, Shae and Emily stand face-to-face and obey curt commands to lick and suck each other's nipples. Once they're gagged with strips of black tape, the trembling captives press their breasts together until they're lowered onto the flo

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