Naked And Chair Bound

Release Date: Dec.07.2015
Running Time: 0:46:2
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Alix Lynx, Luna Lain, Kylie Sinner, Susan Ray, Rose Ballentine, Ashley Lane, Leah Gotti

They make a strikingly attractive couple but busty blonde gamine Alix Lynx and dreamy-eyed redhead Luna Lain are a lot less concerned about their looks than the uncomfortable fact that they're naked, bound and gagged! Their nude bodies controlled by rope and efficiently tethered to a pair of wooden chairs, Alix and Luna sit side-by-side and contort their bodies vigorously but ineffectually against their carefully woven bondage! Communicating by means of tape-gag- muffled murmurs, Luna and Alix try to avoid panic as they maneuver their chairs back-to-back, but escape will not be easily accomplished by these unlucky ladies!

Kylie Sinner's daring attempt to practice magic is rudely interrupted while she chants naked while perusing the pages of an antique mystical tome! Bound to her weathered wooden chair, her spell- speaking lips spread by a red ball-gag, Kylie strains angrily against the inescapable rope web! The harsh interrogator briefly removes her gag to question Kylie, but when she refuses to co-operate, he lifts her feet onto a small table, then tickles her soles with enthusiastic vigor! Once the ball's replaced, a disillusioned Kylie's left to squirm fruitlessly.

What are the odds that another contrasting blonde and red-haired pair would wind up bare-skinned and chair- bound? Well, check out fair-haired Susan Ray and Rose Ballentine, who sports a vivid helmet of crimson hair, both emotionally expressing their frustration at being inescapably roped to small but sturdy wooden chairs! Writhing nude and vulnerable, their mouths filled with knotted black cleave-gags, Rose and Susan are unable to even kick up their bare feet, which are held close to the chairs by ankle tethers!

Her slender nudity accentuated by the oversized red chair to which she's been tethered, sweet Ashley Lane strains unavailingly against the taut coils of tan rope immobilizing her arms and legs! Trembling in her bonds, Ashley begs for release, but the black cleave spreading her lips distorts the pathetic pleas she makes to callous voyeurs! Ashley's plight takes a humiliating turn when her legs are temporarily freed, only to be spread almost 180 degrees for a perfect view of her smooth, pierced pussy!

Busty little brunette Leah Gotti's relaxing at home when she's rudely surprised by an intruder who orders her out of her dress; once Leah's naked except for her strappy sandals, she's tied to a chair and tape-gagged! Leah energetically challenges her restraint, but her eyes widen in alarm when the sandals are removed and her legs raised. She knows that her soft foot-bottoms are in for trouble, which arrives in the form of five sharp red fingernails that mercilessly tantalize the bound nude! 

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