Costume Bound In Black And White

Release Date: Dec.07.2015
Running Time: 0:45:8
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Phoebe Queen, Sandra Sixx, Anissa Kate, Harley Jade, Kenna James, Jenna Ivory, Charlotte Cross

Greedy schemers planned to profit from one bound and gagged bride; imagine their delight when they have both Phoebe Queen and Xandra Sixx to exchange for a huge payday! While they wait apprehensively for the plot's out- come, Xandra and Phoebe writhe side-by-side on a mattress; both the tall blonde and petite brunette wear white gowns that are overpowered by black rope and their voices are stifled by black cleaves! As time passes, white pumps slip from soft bare feet as Phoebe and Xandra continue their futile struggles! 

Light-fingered Anissa Kate's caper ends in bondage for the gorgeous cat burglar, who's roped up and ball-gagged on a lounge! Anissa wriggles indignantly as her breasts are exposed and her pumps slipped off so her bare soles can be tickled! The black-clad bad girl's humiliating discipline concludes while she arches hogtied on a dining table, her big toes sealed together by string! 

Supernatural forces transform Harley Jade and Kenna James into a a pair of bound and bewildered sorceresses! After entering a forbidden room, Kenna and Harley's clothing morphs into dark gowns; they have only a few seconds to marvel at the bizarre situation before their costumes are tautly coiled with white rope and their lips sealed with black tape! The stunned and barefoot girls struggle frantically, but finally surrender to the inevitable and huddle together on the floor! 

When her kitchen's invaded by a kinky food critic, buxom chef Jenna Ivory becomes the main ingredient in a recipe for restraint! Snared to a chair in an oppressive rope web, Jenna protests noisily until she's tape-gagged, then continues to register her objections with a familiar digital gesture! The voluptuous chef's curves are fully revealed after her costume's elevated to bare breasts and pussy!

Derelict in her duties, chambermaid Charlotte Cross undergoes knotty discipline that seats her bound on a lounge with a shiny blue ball-gag in her mouth! When Charlotte remains defiant, her breasts are exposed and platform sandals removed, but the wide-eyed little brunette keeps writhing and twisting! At last, however, she understands that submission is her only choice, so Charlotte sits on the edge of the lounge with her stockinged toes touching the floor and drool leaking down her chin! 

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