Jealous Bad Boy = Tied Up Girlfriend

Release Date: Jul.06.2015
Running Time: 0:44:19
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Kiera Nicole, Alexa Grace

A suspicious boyfriend turns Alexa Grace and Keira Nicole into stay-at- home girls with good old-fashioned bondage!

Personal assistant Alexa overhears starlet Keira arguing on the phone with her jealous guy, but she's heard them go at it many times before so she's not worried when he shows up. Turns out she should have been, because the slender blonde beauty's soon writhing in ropes! Sexy Alexa projects a kinky patrotic vibe as she squirms in her bright blue top, short red skirt and a white cleave gag that matches the ropes knotted around her lithe body! Seated on a couch at first, Alexa rolls onto her side and kicks up her sandaled bare feet, but she's still in a bind when Keira searches for the source of those weird noises and finds her!

Keira also finds her wacko boyfriend, who's been waiting for her to take the bait represented by Alexa's gag-muffled cries. Within moments the dazzling diva's bound and gagged in similar fashion to her luscious confidante and seated next to her on the couch! Keira's outraged that her guy would treat her so rudely, but he claims that she's been cheating and that bondage is the only means of keeping her from running around! To Keira's disgust, though, it's obvious that he also savors the sight of these two mouth-watering blondes twisting in ropework. When he briefly leaves them alone, Keira does her best to reverse his domination by tugging at Alexa's wrist bonds, then slipping off her shoes and edging onto the floor. Keira's wriggling barefoot toward the door when her crazed man blocks her path and vows to make this a day his cheating woman won't soon forget!

To prove that he's as good as his word, Keira's soon-to-be obsessive- ex stands the slender nudes against a curving metal staircase and tethers their hands above their heads to the railing. Ball-gagged and humiliated, Keira and Alexa yank strenuously against the ropes holding their arms overhead, but remain in thrall to a man who seems to never run out of unpleasant surprises! The next two that appear are the crotch-ropes snugly installed in Alexa and Keira's feminine grooves; twisting carefully on bare feet hobbled by ankle ties, the naked friends can't imagine how their plight could worsen! 

A certain vengeful jerk is eager to show Keira and Alexa just how much worse their ordeal can become after he seats them identically bound and tape-gagged on a large wooden dining table! The apprehensive nudes murmur nervously to each other as they struggle side- by-side and unwittingly display two pairs of curvaceous bare soles! Those slender pink foot- bottoms are even more prominently displayed while Alexa and Keira discover the stringent restrictive powers of their hogties; arching and whimpering, they plead for mercy from a man who doesn't know the meaning of the word!

As if they needed more proof of his ruthless character, Keira's nightmare guy reties his favorite bondage playthings in rolling chairs, then doubles down on their gags by stuffing their mouths with cloth and sealing their lips with duct tape! Allowing them leeway for another escape attempt, he watches Keira take the lead by rolling her chair close to the front door, then assisted by Alexa, raise her legs and wrap her toes around the vertical iron doorknob! When success is near and the door begins to open, the vicious man pulls them away, then removes them from the chairs and relocates them in a unique closet. Confined behind its iron- rimmed glass door, Alexa and Keira curl up on the floor and look out on the world that's been forbidden to them! 

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