Bound, Gagged And Spread

Release Date: Feb.07.2014
Running Time: 0:54:7
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Lilly Banks, Gigi Allens, Layla Rose, Natasha White, Christina Sinn, exi Bloom, Charlotte Stokely

Tall, strong and gorgeous, Gigi Allens is the image of the ideal dominatrix and proves that she's got the savvy to go with the looks by toying with slender blonde Lilly Banks. Spread naked on the four-poster and gagged with duct tape, Lilly's powerless to prevent Gigi's onslaught, which victimizes the squirming girl's breasts and bare feet. Gigi especially relishes her captive's unhappy reactions when she presses her sweaty size-9 feet against Lilly's face while simultaneously tickling her soles!

Of course, Gigi's much less happy after she gets careless and Lilly takes control! Now it's the voluptuous Aussie who's spread on the bed with her snatch treated to a crotch-rope while her former plaything pays back Gigi with a dose of her own feet-in-the-face medicine. Lilly surpasses Gigi's hands-on bad behavior by icing her breasts and pussy until they're glistening with cold water, then exits and leaves Gigi writhing in frustration and wailing behind duct tape! Busty little brunette Layla Rose has nothing to hide after the nude girl's spreadeagled on a staircase. Her ankles and thighs roped wide to railings so that they starkly expose her pussy, bound and ball- gagged Layla twists and turns but is powerless to reverse her humiliating plight!

Petite Natasha White lies in bewilderment on a iron four-poster bed, her wrists and ankles roped separately wide apart so that her naked body is starkly vulnerable. Natasha's defenselessness is dramatically demonstrated when a woman's hand presses chunks of ice against her bare soles, breasts and pussy while the chilled captive squeals behind her tape-gag!

Hot but helpless, Christina Sinn stands naked and bound in front of a waist-high railing to which she's been tethered by the ropework that frames her enticing breasts. Understandably upset, Christina tries to protest but strips of light-blue tape squelch her cries; a multi -strand crotch-rope that invades her pussy-lips gives Christina another good reason for indignation as she kicks against the bonds controlling her thighs and ankles.

It's always a shock when you return home and find your housemate naked, bound and gagged on her bed. It's much worse when the perpetrator's still on site and he orders you to play with her writhing body for his depraved satisfaction. Such is the horrific dilemma confronting Charlotte Stokely, who tries to ignore the pathetic tape-gag stifled wails of Lexi Bloom as she makes herself to grope the innocent victim's spreadeagled body. Charlotte continues to apologize as she twists Lexi's stiff nipples and sucks her bare toes; the callous intruder merely laughs and enjoys the show.

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