I'm All Tied Up And I Can't Get Loose

Release Date: Jun.11.2015
Running Time: 0:49:36
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Staci Carr, Presley Hart, Ashley Lane, Kenna James, Tomi Taylor, Keira Nicole, Alix Lynx, Mia Malkova

When Staci Carr accidentally picks up the wrong purse, her innocent mistake leads to bondage for Staci and best friend Presley Hart! Bound to her bedpost and tape-gagged, the petite blonde writhes unhappily while Presley sits tied and silenced next to her on the bed! When resourceful Presley slips off her shoes and tries to loosen Staci's bonds with her stockinged toes, she's relocated onto the floor and hitched to the bed; as a reminder not to defy with the hard- nosed intruder, Presley and Stacy both undergo breast exposure!

Funny how misleading costumes can be: Ashley Lane's serious and sober in a black blouse and skirt outfit while Kenna James looks sweet and perky in her pink blouse and flared miniskirt. But when the action commences, it's Kenna being mean to Ashley again, binding her hands and tape-gagging her while the smaller girl stands meekly in her stockinged feet! Ashley's pantyhosed soles undergo tickling at the hands of mischievous Kenna, but only after her breasts also receive a fingertip visit! Poor Ashley can only squirm on top of a wooden chest while light-fingered Kenna prowls her apartment!

Attired in a frilled purple top, black pencil skirt and black pumps, Tomi Taylor's ready to dazzle the office! But Tomi's skill to thrill is now located on her bed where the voluptuous beauty's confined by ruthlessly efficient bondage; a tape-gag and blindfold also negate her communication skills! Tomi's passionate struggling jettisons the blindfold but her malevolent guest counters by baring her breasts and feet, then puts an exclamation point on the defeated girl's plight by hogtying her!

Blonde beauty Keira Nicole's overmatched from the beginning, her striking combination of a black sweater, pink skirt and yellow pumps in striking contrast with the stark white of the cloth covering her eyes, the tape sealing her lips and the rope coiling about her body! Keira's expressive eyes soon emerge from behind the blindfold, but her breasts and pantyhosed feet are also revealed as she twists on the floor! Brought onto her feet, Keira balances uneasily while her bound body's supported by a rope-and-chain overhead!

When glamorous blonde adventuress Mia Malkova grabs sexy exec Alix Lynx, she plans to exchange the bound and gagged businesswoman for a fat cash payment! But once Mia gets a closer look at Alix squirming and whimpering, her plans change. After pulling down Alix's panties and spreading her on a bed, Mia introduces the trussed-up little blonde to a buzzing plastic henchman! Barefoot and bare-breasted, Alix moans sensually while kinky Mia plays the vibe against her pussy! 

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