Natural Beauties Plastic Wrapped

Release Date: Dec.02.2011
Running Time: 0:42:0
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Samantha Ryan, Rilee Marks, Heather Vagn, Alexa Bay, Sophia Jade, Ash Hollywood


Rilee Marks seems like such a sweet young thing, but Samantha Ryan would undoubtedly voice a different opinion after Rilee takes advantage of her defenseless body wrapped in plastic and swaths of black tape! The lusty ingenue can't resist tickling Samantha's vulnerable bare feet, then tears open the plastic so she can fondle her captive's breasts!


Wrapped in pink tape and plastic, Heather Vahn's a tasty dish spread out on the dining table; her matching tape gag results in muffled protests that escalate to high-pitched giggles when her tender bare soles are tickled!


Alexa Bay dedicates her 60 inches of exotic energy to twisting about vigorously in her cocoon of plastic wrap and white tape while squealing through the layers of tape over her mouth!


The bare breasts and bare feet of Sophia Jade elude the wrapping that otherwise holds the sultry little brunette in its sweaty embrace of plastic and silver duct tape!


Spectacular is the word for Ash Hollywood, whose colorful mummification of blue plastic wrap and orange tape imprisons her body but fails to quench her spirit as she flops around on the floor like a sexy little fish! 


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