Barefoot Couples In Bondage

Release Date: Dec.29.2014
Running Time: 0:46:21
Category: Captured Couples

Starring: Cherie DeVille, Logan Pierce, Celeste Star, Robbie Echo, Carissa Montgomery, Jay Smooth, Chanel Rae, Buck, Chloe Amour, Ryan McLane

When Logan arrives home, he's shocked to find wife Cherie DeVille sitting on the floor tied up and cleave-gagged; the couple has been targeted by a man who believes Logan has screwed him in a business deal and has plans to get even! Logan joins Cherie DeVille in bondage when they're bound to chairs; he's in boxers and she's wearing only panties. The vengeful man enjoys watching them struggle, then inflicts humiliation by ordering Cherie to raise her feet onto Logan's lap and use them to rub his crotch!

It's not the kind of experiment likely to win a Nobel Prize, but give the good professor points for ingenuity -- if not for political correctness. It seems he's testing a simplified method of turning gay men straight by tying the male subject (Robbie) on a chair, then perching a bound and gagged nude cutie (Celeste Star) on his lap!

Sexy Carissa Montgomery is naked and boyfriend Jay Smooth is stripped to his underwear as they sit side-by-side in a window seat, roped securely and ball-gagged!

With their hands pulled overhead, bare bodied Chanel Rae and underwear clad Buck writhes and murmurs in a bondage and tape gagged dance!

Ryan McLane and Chloe Amour are peacefully napping when Chloe's obsessive ex- boyfriend gets the drop on them! Gagged with duct tape and tightly tied up, the unhappy couple listen apprehensively while the ex rants! The ex then taunts Ryan while he brazenly sucks the squirming nude's bare toes! 

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