Bondage Lessons Gone Wrong

Release Date: Oct.14.2011
Running Time: 0:59:22
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Tiffany Thomas, Eden Wells


Tiffany Thomas and Eden Wells teamed up to take down a bad boyfriend! How'd that work out for them?


Tiffany's horrified when she visits Eden and finds her stylishly- dressed friend struggling in bondage on her bed! Once she's released, Eden confides that it was her brutal boyfriend who trussed her up and taped her mouth after an argument! The indignant Tiffany has a brainstorm: Eden should turn the tables on her personal thug by surprising him and tying him up! When Eden responds that she doesn't know a thing about bondage, Tiffany has a quick answer: "Get those ropes and practice on me!"


Eden's a bit shaky as she begins her first attempt at rigging, but Tiffany's full of encouragement as Eden wraps ropes around her wrists, ankles, chest and knees! Once a modest cleave-gag's added to complete the consenting captive's restraint, the excited Tiffany twists vigorously until she wriggles free of Eden's first essay at bondage -- it's back to the drawing-board for the determined women!


Making rapid progress, Eden snares her gal-pal into a neat ball-tie that pins Tiffany's hands underneath her knees while a coil of rope connects knee and chest bonds! Artistic Eden binds Tiffany's bare feet together with a toe tie that's elaborated around her insteps and soles; a tape-gag helps the effervescent blonde imagine herself a damsel in distress! Despite Tiffany's best efforts to escape, she's defeated by the ropework this time!


Before avenging herself on Mr. Wrong, Eden makes a final practice run with Tiffany's co-operation! Apparently, the third time's the charm because Eden surpasses herself with a cross-ankle hogtie that leaves tape -gagged Tiffany squirming on her stomach like a fish out of water, perhaps wishing that Eden hadn't become quite so proficient with the knots!


Time for payback, but after Tiffany leaves to buy more rope, Eden's horrified when her least favorite guy materializes, overpowers her and administers another bondage lesson of his own! Tightly bound to a chair and cleave-gagged, Eden's once more at the mercy of a merciless man; when Tiffany returns, she's easy prey and soon struggling with her friend in mirror-image captivity, their scheme for retribution shattered! 


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