Shazia Sahari: The Obsession Continues, Plus More!

Release Date: Jun.17.2011
Running Time: 0:44:10
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Shazia Sahari

He can't keep his hands off Shazia's tits and toes -- can you blame him?


Shazia's horrified when she learns that her obsessive nemesis escaped from prison several weeks earlier! Caught off-guard, the dusky starlet endures hours of deja-vu when her stalker ties and tape-gags her, then throws her on a couch! After reducing her skin-tight mini-dress to a thin strip of fabric, he enthusiastically assaults Shazia's boobs and bare feet with his hands and mouth while the nearly naked girl squirms and squeals!


Shazia's 100% bare-skinned as she lies bound and tape-gagged on her bed, the vulnerable plaything of her lustful captor! With her wrists tied and tethered under her knees, Shazia can only whimper while her toes and nipples are mouthed; her futile struggles expose a bare pussy begging for attention!


Kneeling semi-suspended in a network of rope, the tape-gagged Shazia's subjected to merely token fondling from her deranged admirer, who's delighted to observe as the gorgeous nude puts on an amazingly energetic exhibition of straining against the bonds that cradle her -- including one that mischievously cleaves her cheeks!




Dazzling Shazia's challenged by two more bondages after the obsessor sates his appetite! First, her naked and curvaceous body's bound and tethered to the door of a hidden phone booth! Cleave-gagged Shazia writhes and protests with her usual zest, but achieves only a slight change of venue that leaves her tied hand and foot to a bench in the booth!


In her final role, Shazia plays a sizzling bartender who's transformed into the featured attraction of her establishment when she's rigged on top of the bar! Wearing eye-popping red heels, skin-tight gold pants and a lacy bustier that doesn't quite conceal her bust, Shazia wriggles indignantly and vocalizes through her tape-gag! A wardrobe and ropework adjustment bares the captive's feet and replaces the tape over her mouth with cloth between her lips, but Shazia's attitude remains defiant! 


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