Grab and Bind: Cali Logan & Melissa Jacobs

Release Date: Jun.17.2011
Running Time: 1:12:46
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Cali Logan, Melissa Jacobs


Cali Logan didn't make it to work on the first day of her new job -- but don't blame poor Cali! Instead of plunging into her consultant position at a nearby jewelry mart, the usually high spirited young woman was pinned to a chair with rope, a gag over her mouth and fear in her eyes as she watched the man who had pushed his way into her apartment make himself at home!


Even as he bound her, he had told Cali that he was just doing a job: she'd be held captive for two days while an imposter took her place at the jewelry mart. Since the new clients had never met Cali, he laughed, it would be easy for her replacement to scope out security and target the most valuable items to be stolen once the fake consultant made her exit! Meanwhile, he warned Cali to accept her situation and she'd be left unharmed once the scheme played out. But Cali refused to submit without a struggle! After a few hours, her guest relaxed his vigilance and Cali managed to slip off her gag, then inch her chair close to his cell phone! Before she could speak, however, her keeper returned and, angered by Cali's courage, he warned her that she'd be punished!


So as her day of captivity turned to evening, an exhausted Cali was stripped to bra and panties and bound to a stair railing with a cloth tied between her lips before she was spreadeagled to her bed for the night, her breasts bared and her mouth taped! The next day, after her keeper allowed her a little food and water, Cali endured the awkward restraint of a frogtie; despite futile efforts to escape her bondage, the tape gagged girl refused to give up hope! Did the conspirators truly intend to leave her unharmed once their plot succeeded?


The answer came late on Cali's second day as a prisoner. Her gloating captor briefly freed her, then informed Cali that the plan had gone smoothly and that he'd be leaving. Of course, she would have to be bound and gagged one final time to delay her inevitable call to the authorities. So when Cali heard frantic knocking on the door, she could only squeal through the white tape over her mouth and strain with renewed energy against the ball tie that was her captor's final legacy. Once her supervisor at the consulting firm broke in with the security team,he released a tearful Cali and assured her that she was blameless in the setback their organization had experienced. Cali's company tried to plan for all contingencies, but who could have predicted something as old fashioned as holding a pretty young executive in bondage?


Proving once again that beautiful women just aren't safe at home when bondage minded malefactors are on the prowl, Melissa Jacobs endured a day even more harrowing than Cali's!


Seized and duct taped into helplessness by a huge masked thug after she returned home from her jog, Melissa struggled through one restraint after another in the ensuing hours! Released from the tape and still dressed in her jogging sweats, Melissa next writhed on the floor, roped and cleave gagged, while the burglar casually tossed her house in search of valuables!


Once the intruder had satisfied his lust for theft, he turned his attention back to Melissa! Made to strip naked, the frightened girl was ball gagged and bound with her hands secured to a beam above her head! Hour after hour, Melissa strained against her bonds as she stood bareskinned, then lay frogtied and tape gagged on her bed and finally left in a humiliating speadlegged bondage in her backyard by the departing criminal! As she struggled to free herself, Melissa sighed in relief that the worst of her ordeal was over but dreaded the appearance of rescuers if she was still restrained in such an embarrassing fashion!


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