Charlie's Bikini Bondage Nightmare

Release Date: Sep.09.2011
Running Time: 0:47:9
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Charlie Royce, Natasha Warner, Elle Alexandra, Tiffany Thomas, Linzy Cross, Eden Wells, Lena Shelby

Charlie Royce has slipped her sinuous frame into a skimpy swimsuit, but Charlie won't be doing any swimming today because an evildoer has tied and gagged her! Roped to a tree-shaded wooden bench and biting angrily on a cleave-gag, the spread-legged captive nearly bursts out of her bikini as she struggles!


For the man who can give her a great foot-massage, Natasha Warner's willing to enact a damsel in distress! Wide-eyed and endearing, Natasha plays her role to the hilt as she squirms in chair bondage, a black cloth tightened over her mouth; when her guy comes to the rescue, he delays untying her until he pays manual tribute to her bare feet!


A nasty intruder has bound and gagged Elle Alexandra, but the spunky lass refuses to give up! Clad only in lacy red lingerie, Elle carefully edges her slender body down the staircase and toward the front door! Just as she's inches from the doorknob to freedom, her captor thwarts Elle's escape, then augments her bondage, tethers her to a railing and bares her perky breasts!


When Eden Wells' angry ex goes on a rampage, it's her friends Linzy Cross and Tiffany Thomas who become his first captives! Sitting tied and tape- gagged, the stylishly-dressed young women writhe unhappily as the enraged man rants! When Eden returns, she's immediately trussed; after their crazed tormentor departs, the helpless trio struggles side-by-side on the floor!


Everyone envies the life of a swimsuit model, but Lena Shelby reveals the downside: becoming the bound and gagged captive of rivals or overzealous admirers! Of course, Lena's still a pulse-pounding sight as she lies on her side in a very teeny bikini, eyes pleading as she whimpers through strips of white tape, her neatly crossed ankles snugly linked to her bound wrists! 


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