Tape Bound, Volume Twelve

Release Date: Sep.09.2011
Running Time: 0:43:12
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Elle Alexandra, Layla Rose, Aiden Ashley, Charlie Royce, Tiffany Thomas, Linzy Cross, Lena Shelby

Seized while exercising in her sweats, Elle Alexandra squirms on a wood floor in a losing battle against the duct tape that holds her wrists, ankles, arms and legs in a rigorous embrace while muffling her cries for help!


Aiden Ashley unleashes her predatory instincts when she expertly swathes meek little Layla Rose in white tape, seals her lips, then settles Layla in a window seat for a steamy session of breast-fondling and nipple-licking!


Gagged and bound with silver duct-tape, Charlie Royce once again proves that she's the queen of bondage drama as she twists her lithe body into every possible position on a couch while those expressive eyes laser her surroundings!


Their innocence symbolized by white dresses, stockings and pumps, captive nurses Linzy Cross and Tiffany Thomas strain against the silver tape that confines and silences them while crazed criminals raid their home!


Alluring secretary Lena Shelby succumbs to the power of duct tape when it restrains and silences her in her office! Secured to her chair, lovely blonde Lena writhes courageously but remains a helpless captive! 


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