Bare Breasted Bondage Peril!

Release Date: Sep.09.2011
Running Time: 0:42:1
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Monique Alexander, Shay Ruskin, Madison Moore, Nikita, Heather Hunt, Justine Sands, Erika Jordan, Kayla Paige

spiring dominatrix Shay Ruskin ropes indignant Monique Alexander to a chair so she can toy with the little blonde's perky breasts! But Shay's dreams of domination come crashing back to reality when Monique gets loose, then binds and ball-gags her! Towering Kayla Paige ruthlessly gropes helpless captive Erika Jordan, then squirms angrily when Erika gets on top for a handful of Kayla's defenseless breasts! As bound and gagged Nikita struggles and squeals, Heather Hunt smiles and plays with her, while fragile Madison Moore and smoldering Justine Sands writhe separately in topless restraint! 

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