Costumed For Bondage

Release Date: Jul.30.2016
Running Time: 0:46:23
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Aspen Rae, Elle Alexandra, Ember Stone, JoJo Kiss, Alexa Grace, Charlotte Stokely

Foxy fitness model Aspen Rae fell into Elle Alexandra's trap when the sexy but sneaky redhead convinced her that a bondage workout would build her strength! Although both were clad in colorful thong-leotards, only Aspen was bound and tape- gagged so Elle took swift control, first fondling and spanking her, then dominating her as she knelt on the floor! After pushing the powerless girl onto her stomach, Elle energetically tickled Aspen's sensitive bare soles!

The party was turning into a drag so schoolgirl-costumed Ember Stone slipped away to explore the sprawling old mansion. When Ember stumbled into a formidably- equipped dungeon, she was thrilled by the discovery at first, but her emotions took a turn to the negative when dungeon-denizens materialized and roped her to an X- cross! A tape-gag prevented the little brunette from calling for help, then her feet and breasts were bared! Wide-eyed Ember received a final reminder that curiosity can be hazardous when her skirt was hiked and a crotch-rope tied through the middle of her flourishing bush! 

Busty cheerleader JoJo Kiss was in no position to cheer after mean-spirited rivals trussed her up with tan rope and gagged her with duct-tape! Seated on a wooden chest, athletic JoJo kicked up her sneakered feet in frustration, but was treated to an even more bitter dose of humiliation when her ample breasts were exposed!

On a dare, adventurous Alexa Grace costumed herself as a cat burglar and went on the prowl! Alexa was in search of a thrill, not loot, but when she encountered a real thief, the intimidated young woman wished that she'd stayed home to watch TV! Efficiently roped to a chair and tape-gagged, Alexa writhed nervously as it became clear that she was no match for her bondage; before absconding, the authentic burglar whisked away her mask and shoes as trophies of his triumph over the bound blonde beauty!

Ravishing in her sun-dappled flower-print evening-gown, Charlotte Stokely smiled seductively as she invited the ropework that embraced her slender limbs! Charlotte murmured in satisfaction behind her tape-gag and swayed on high- heeled sandals in the bondage she desired, then curled up barefoot on the floor after her legs were folded by a waist-ankle tether!  

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