Charlotte And Emily's Bondage Dilemma

Release Date: Apr.10.2014
Running Time: 0:47:28
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Emily Kae, Charlotte Stokely, Charlotte Stokely, Gulliana Alexis, Kendra James, Carissa Montgomery, Shae Snow, Emily Kae

If only Shae could see Emily Kae get a taste of her own kinky medicine! Thanks to Charlotte Stokely, the long-legged dom-turned-sub receives a hefty dose of payback once Emily's spreadeagled on the bed; the bound girl remains ungagged for several minutes but only so that her mouth can function as a receptacle for Charlotte's sweaty toes! Forced foot- worship gives way to breast fondling and mischievous tugging on a pussy- punishing crotch-rope but clever Charlotte has minimized Emily's moans of protest by stuffing cloth between her lips and sealing them with semi-transparent tape. Just in case Emily still doesn't get the message that she's now Charlotte's slave, Ms. Stokely straddles her and thrusts her breasts against the prone prisoner's chest!

The bondage relay continues with Charlotte now entangled in ropes on the same bed where she spread and subjugated Emily! Her red robe and ball- gag make Charlotte a blazingly colorful captive as she kneels tethered to the headboard and leans forward daringly; the color diminishes but excitement increases when the robe opens to expose Charlotte's breasts and pussy. Our ingenious heroine keeps the energy flowing by rolling onto her hip, then her stomach, as she twists in the double tether's web of restraint!

Gulliana Alexis and Kendra James share a harrowing experience at the hands of home invaders, although it's Gulliana who first submits to rope. Forced to strip, then hogtied and tape-gagged, the dark-eyed prisoner writhes naked on a couch while Kendra temporarily leaves with the intruders. But Kendra soon returns and once she's deprived of her clothing and gagged, both housemates are subjected to chest yokes and more rigorous hogties that leave them squirming side-by-side on the hardwood floor!

There's good news and bad news here: the bad is that Carissa Montgomery's in a lot of trouble; the good is that you get watch this ultra-busty, naked damsel in distress strain forcefully against ropework that forces her to kneel cross-ankled and tethered to a railing! Once you've encountered crotch-roped and ball-gagged Carissa, it's difficult to turn away from the spectacle of her bountiful, rope-framed breasts, but the sight of her round bottom and bare soles can also be arousing.

Stripped to her panties, trussed-up and tape-gagged, buxom Shae Snow warily eyes tall blonde bully Emily Kae, who stands towering over her barefoot captive! And Shae has legitimate cause for concern as mean girl Emily is about to subject her to a rough breast massage, force her to kneel and cringe before her, then climax the domination by hogtying poor Shae on the couch so she can watch her squirm!

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