Punishable By Bondage

Release Date: Dec.07.2012
Running Time: 0:44:39
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Bailey Blue, Charlee Monroe, Melody Jordan, Carissa Montgomery, Elaina Raye, Natalia Starr, Niki Lee Young

Bailey Blue suspected stepsister Charlee Monroe was dishonest, so she wasn't surprised when she caught Charlee about to break into the family safe! But the innocent girl was shocked by her stepsister's ruthlessness in binding and gagging her, and even more by Charlee's salacious fondling of her chest as she lay helpless! Once Charlee departed with her loot, trussed-up and tape-gagged Bailey rolled energetically on the hardwood floor, her rope-framed breasts and toe-tied bare feet prominently displayed!

It started as harmless fun with two free-spirited galpals snuggling in bed. Carissa Montgomery casually suggested a little bondage play to Melody Jordan, who was happy to co-operate and allowed Carissa to tie her hands and feet, then gently stroke her exposed breasts! But to Melody's amazement, Carissa suddenly ball-gagged her, made her to kneel and savagely twisted her nipples; apparently Carissa didn't appreciate Melody sneaking around with her boyfriend! After pushing the stunned girl onto her stomach, Carissa yanked down her panties, spanked her bottom, tickled her bare soles, then took a break so that Melody could imagine worse punishments to come while she writhed and drooled on the bed!

Was it a dream or was it harsh reality? Blonde sprite Elaina Raye dozed peacefully on the bed in a colorful nighty until she was awakened by mysterious sounds; in moments her small body was spreadeagled, her mouth filled with a shiny red ball-gag and her pantyless pussy invaded by a crotch-rope! The petite prisoner put up a courageous fight against the ropes pinioning her wrists and ankles but the only change in her predicament was a wardrobe adjustment that bared her shapely little boobs!

If one curvaceous naked body secured with rope at ankles, knees, wrists and breasts is thrilling to watch, two are more than twice as arousing! Exhibits 1 and 2 in support of this thesis are Natalia Starr and Niki Lee Young, two luscious blondes whose nude couch snuggling was rudely interrupted larcenous lowlifes! Gagged with white tape, Natalia and Niki strained against their aggravating ropework in tandem as they sat next to each other; before leaving, the intruders propped their prisoners onto the couch and tethered them wrist-to-ankle so that they were forced to kneel and rub their breasts together!

Surprising Charlee Monroe as she relaxed on a couch, Bailey Blue avenged her humiliation at Charlee's hands by tying up her criminal stepsister and toying with her tits! But Bailey was out for payback with interest, so she pulled down the struggling girl's panties so she could spank her bare bottom, then reached out to tantalize Charlee's bare soles! Once she'd chastised the erring Charlee sufficiently, Bailey laughed as she watched her thrashing about in frustration, then left the defeated girl to free herself whenever she could!

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