She Must Be Bound And Gagged

Release Date: Apr.17.2014
Running Time: 0:50:5
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Emily Kae, Charlotte Stokely, Eva Lovia, Sierra Nevada, Kendra James, Gulliana Alexis, Amy Anderson, Erika Jordan, Lyla Storm

After corporate spy Emily Kae's treachery is uncovered by her boss, she's bound to a garage post and gagged. Emily's enraged employer encourages girlfriend Charlotte Stokely to humiliate the helpless woman, which Charlotte accomplishes with nipple-tweaking and pantyhose exploration once she's replaced Emily's cleave-gag with tape!

Money-hungry Eva Lovia assists a hooded thug in trussing up innocent rich girl Sierra Nevada, then mean-spiritedly taunts her as the tape-gagged Sierra squirms fearfully on the floor! But karma strikes back with a vengeance and a double-crossed Eva soon writhes bound and gagged next to the girl she helped to capture.

Bitchy boss Kendra James ends up bound and gagged when she tries to pile her workload on vacationing Giuliana Alexis. Giuliana relishes the sight of Kendra's angry struggling, so the vengeful employee augments her bondage by ball-tying her, then pays back Kendra's tyrannical treatment by fondling her bare breasts and tickling her stockinged feet!

How do shadowy problem-solvers convince attractive auditor Amy Anderson that it's unwise to probe corporate finances too zealously? A healthy dose of rope restraint does the trick! Apprehensive Amy first squirms tied and cleave-gagged on her stomach, but the intimidation factor rockets when she's gagged with duct tape and secured to a chair with her breasts bared!

Wonder why cat-burglar Lyla Storm loves her job? While looting Erika Jordan's office, she indulges her taste for rope and gag recreation by rendering the pin-stripe- suited secretary helpless. Once Erika's tightly bound and silenced with a knotted black cleave, Lyla tickles her bare feet before leaving her hogtied on a coffee table!

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