Costumed Damsels Beg To Be Freed!

Release Date: May.17.2013
Running Time: 0:50:35
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Bree Daniels, Lola Foxx, Lilly Evans, Nikki Lee Young, Ashley Rose, Aria Ariel, Jamie Lynn
Incidents during which spurned girlfriends vent their anger on brides-to-be 
have become lamentably common, with willowy Bree Daniels the latest victim!  
Vengeful Lola Fox isn't satisfied to merely mess up Bree's big day by subduing her with a 
web of black ropes and tying a black cloth over her mouth, but insists on pulling off the bride's pumps and tickling her white-stockinged feet!  Lola uses her own bare feet to dominate Bree as the bound bride writhes beneath her on the floor!   
Nursing isn't a profession for the faint of heart, so it's not surprising that Lilly Evans responds courageously to her shocking captivity!  After inching her way downstairs,trussed-up and tape-gagged Lilly slips the pumps off her feet and wriggles on her back toward he front door!  Nurse Lilly stretches her legs up and tries to open the door by rotating the doorknob with her white-stockinged toes, but her brave effort ends in frustration! 
Although she looks like a million bucks in her red, white and blue cheerleader costume, Niki Lee Young doesn't have much to cheer about because the enticing blonde stands roped to a sapling, her protests muffled by a black gag covering the cloth stuffed in her mouth!  Niki's cheerless plight becomes even more unpleasant after her costume top is elevated to expose a perky pair of naked breasts!  
Dressed in a tight white sweater, pleated plaid miniskirt, maroon knee 
socks and open-toed black pumps, Ashley Rose is one sexy student!  But it's her accessories that are crucial:  a network of brown rope restraining her voluptuous body while she stands in the corner, and strips of silver tape sealing her lips! As Ashley's predicament progresses, the tall blonde's shoes are removed, her breasts are bared and she's left to kick up her feet in the window seat!
Exotically enticing in a turquoise harem outfit, Aria Arial seems 
understandably perplexed by her plight: What offense did she commit that deserved punishment by a snug lotus tie and a wide black cloth secured over her mouth?  Aria's alarm increases after the sandals disappear from her bare feet and her costume top no longer veils her breasts; squirming awkwardly on her bed, the helpless harem girl murmurs sadly and yearns for a rescuer!
Yippee-tie-yie-ay -- that there's feisty cowgirl Jamie Lynn lassoed to a tree and squealing like a lonesome heifer even though she's got a bandanna stuck in her mouth!  Jamie's got a lot more to yowl about after her naked tawtaws pop out between the black rope around her chest, but she can't do a thing about it cause of them rope cuffs on her wrists!


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