D.A. in Distress

Release Date: May.17.2013
Running Time: 0:43:45
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Brooklyn Chase

When crusading District Attorney Brooklyn Chase refuses to drop her prosecution of a powerful man, she's bound for trouble!

Returning home after a shadowy figure warns her to back off the impending prosecution, D.A. Brooklyn's only had time to walk through the front door and slip off her heels when she's seized by a hooded figure clad in fatigues!  As he binds her wrists and tapes her mouth, Brooklyn's captor informs her that she'll change her mind about going forward with the prosecution -- or else!  After tightening rope around her chest, the fearsome intruder lowers Brooklyn to the floor, tethers her wrists to her ankles then impassively observes the stunned young woman straining vigorously against her bondage!

Brooklyn's home becomes a prison after the courageous D. A. refuses to abandon her principles and sign a document voiding the prosecution.  Stripped to bra and panties, Brooklyn sits ball-tied on a wooden coffee-table, her full lips divided by a knotted black cleave! 

When she continues to defy him, the thug yanks down Brooklyn's bra, fondles her breasts and squeezes her nipples!  Cruelly playful, he tilts the helpless young woman back so her toe-tied bare feet kick in the air, then makes Brooklyn squeal by tickling her soles!  Vowing that Brooklyn's ordeal has just begun, the heartless man leaves Brooklyn on her side after roping her wrists and ankles together! 

Her last few bits of clothing vanished, Brooklyn stands naked and trembling before a china cabinet; a rope connects her chest harness to the cabinet's ornamental pinnacle, while another snakes down from between her breasts and slithers through her pussy!

Although the hooded man is growing frustrated by Brooklyn's resistance, he clearly enjoys his work:  a cloth wad stuffed between her lips and secured with an overmouth gag stifles Brooklyn's vocal defiance!  

After more rough handling of the bound and gagged D. A.'s breasts, the remorseless inquisitor waves the crucial document before Brooklyn's face and smoothly reminds her that all her troubles will be over if only she'll sign it!  Fighting down the terror surging through her beleaguered body, Brooklyn refuses once more!    

Growing bolder, Brooklyn's captor relocates to his victim's sun-filled backyard, where he forces the nude, bound and ball-gagged attorney to kneel submissively while he harangues her!  The vicious criminal has his own problems, since he's been handsomely paid to intimidate Brooklyn into signing the statement that relinquishes prosecution.  

Failure's not an option -- at least not one that will be beneficial for his health!  So he ratchets up the pressure on Brooklyn by hogtying her; while she squirms in misery on the ground and drools past the ball-gag, Brooklyn's bombarded by ominous threats from the increasingly desperate emissary!

Hour after hour, Brooklyn's been stripped, bound, gagged, pawed and threatened, but she's never felt as vulnerable as she does now!  

Seated naked on a weathered wooden bench next to her swimming pool, Brooklyn's spread-eagled, her legs tied wide apart to blatantly expose her pussy! His harsh voice raised in intensity by his own apprehension, Brooklyn's tormentor makes it clear that the endgame has arrived by placing an attache case next to her and promising a horrible outcome if she forces him to use the devices packed in the case!

Eyes wide above her tape-gag, Brooklyn twists pathetically in the web of rope restraining her -- can she hold out any longer?  Have this despicable henchman and his powerful clients triumphed over the brave and beautiful D. A.?  Hold your breath as you wait for the shocking conclusion!

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