Sample - GRM 100 HOSED! Part 1

Release Date: Dec.23.2011
Running Time: 0:00:30
Category: Videos

Starring: Gina Rae Michaels, Samantha Grace, Angie Blackwell, Sara Carlson, and Sarah Gregory

Part 1!!

Great action packed stories will pantyhose and pantyhose hoods!!

Sara Carlson is a snotty customer service rep who refuses to listen to Gina’s problem with her recent order of pantyhose. Gina shows up in person to try to get satisfaction but when Sara becomes even more snotty, Gina makes sure that she is left unable to say anything at all. Sara is encased in pantyhose, gagged with pantyhose and hooded.

Angie Blackwell, Gina’s secretary has decided that she is tired of Gina getting all of the cool modeling jobs while she sits back and does all of the work. Today, Angie is going to turn things around. She calls all of Gina’s photographers and gives them excuses when Gina cannot make the shoots. She offers to send another model in as Gina’s replacement and then chuckles with delight thinking of all of the money she will be making. Angie never figured that Gina would find out and now Angie is in a bind…..literally….pantyhose encased, gagged and hooded with Gina’s well worn stockings tied tightly, crotch panel to the nose.

When Gina borrows her room mate’s cell phone, she sees a bunch of calls to her boyfriend. Gina gets angry and despite Sarah Gregory’s attempts to explain, she tightly tapes her up, panty gags her and pulls her pantyhose off to tie them around Sarah’s face. Sarah is left squirming, wriggling and gag talking while Gina decides to read her texts. Gina feels foolish to find out that Sarah and her boyfriend were planning a birthday surprise for her. Too late, it’s not like Gina can take all of the torment back, so she makes a quick exit hoping that Sarah doesn’t get free anytime soon. THIS IS A GREAT SCENE AND YOU GET TO HEAR VOICEOVER OF SARAH TALKING ABOUT HER EXPERIENCE AS IT GOES DOWN!!



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