Sample - PH61 Part A

Release Date: Jan.17.2011
Running Time: 0:00:30
Category: Videos

Starring: Tracy Benson-Serena Mitchell-Jennipher Jordan-Cailtin Clarke

Three beautiful young girl’s house is invaded by a gorgeous young burglar who has found a lucrative business. Tying and gagging the three helpless girls,she searches the house for things to sell. But this time her plans are interrupted and what seemed like an easy gig becomes a nightmare. PLUS Work is never fun but it sure beats being held captive,tied up,gagged,and abducted.Two sexy young women struggle against the tight ropes trying to scream thru the gags in an effort to escape their masked captor!!! Exciting pantyhose action---girl-girl tying and gagging-sexy business suits,and an “evil” bad girl!!

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