Nina James - Stripped Hostage!

Release Date: Mar.05.2020
Running Time: 0:42:9
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Nina James

Nina James is on the run -- until the hunters make her a stripped and tied captive!


Nina's gained access to a computer and tries to find out more about the shadowy bounty hunters tracking her and the boyfriend who lured her into the theft she now regrets! But Nina's waited too long and now she's grabbed by a masked figure who wastes no time trussing up and gagging the pretty young fugitive! Even though Nina struggles desperately against her captor, she's soon roughly pushed to the floor, where she waits fearfully for the arrival of the woman who'll decide her fate!


When the boss huntress appears, she orders Nina's gag removed, then questions her prey. Nina boldly claims that she has no idea why she's been targeted and demands to be released! Hesitant at first, the boss responds that the girl they want has a distinctive tattoo on her side -- Nina's untied and forced to strip! Nina tries to stall, but when she removes her skirt and blouse she's trapped -- the tattoo on her side blazes out! Ordered to slip out of her bra and panties, Nina haltingly complies; her tormentor then decides to take the naked girl as a hostage useful for flushing out her boyfriend!


Roped naked to a chair, Nina remains defiant when questioned about her man; tired of life on the run, she asks why the bounty hunters don't turn her over to the police -- maybe she'd talk to the proper authorities! The boss retorts that they're not trying to bring lawbreakers to justice for some puny reward -- they want all the money stolen by the young couple! Then she angrily stuffs Nina's mouth with cloth and seals it with duct tape; While the helpless girl shivers and tests the ropes biting into her wrists and ankles, the boss orders her henchman to get word out on the street that Nina's a hostage with an uncertain future if her partner in crime doesn't turn over the cash!


As Nina sits naked and bound, the ruthless woman taunts her by referring to an event from just a year earlier! While investigating Nina's background, the hunters learned that the unlucky girl been surprised by an escaped female convict who'd forced her to undress, then stole her clothes after leaving Nina naked, tape-gagged and hogtied! History repeats itself, laughs the heartless bitch while poor Nina's memory compulsively replays the terrifying hours when she arched her nude body on a wooden coffee table and called for help that was excruciatingly slow to arrive!


The bounty hunters are close to big-money success when the boss finally establishes contact with Nina's boyfriend! The naked hostage now lies spread -eagled on a bed, her pussy invaded by a crotch-rope that seems all the tighter as tape-gagged Nina twists and moans! With Nina's guy on the line, the boss focuses her cell-phone's camera on Nina's plight and forcefully demands that they meet at a location where she'll expect him to deliver the money; if he balks, things will go from bad to worse for the defenseless prisoner!


While the boss goes to collect the reward for their vile behavior, Nina's left in the "care" of the man who originally grabbed and bound her! Still naked and roped into a lotus-tie on the wooden floor, an exhausted Nina's showered with crude remarks that would ordinarily anger and disgust her; now she's nearly desensitized by the shock of her captivity. So she merely bites on the cloth between her lips and tries to hold on to a slight fragment of hope that she'll somehow be free again! 


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