Alexa Grace's Home Invasion + Riley Reyes' Bondage

Release Date: Jan.30.2020
Running Time: 0:45:54
Category: Storylines

Starring: Alexa Grace, Riley Reyes

Such a pleasant sight -- lovely Alexa Grace napping barefoot on her bed in red plaid pajamas. But the mellow mood's quickly disrupted by an intruder who brusquely awakens Alexa, then orders her to lie facedown with the hands behind her back; within moments the innocent young woman is seated against the bed's headboard, her body coiled with duct-tape that also covers her mouth! After the cynical invader bares her breasts, the stunned Alexa struggles more vigorously and rolls across the bed, but her tape bondage continues to control her!

Not satisfied with looting her home, the heartless man toys with Alexa, who's once again gagged and bound with duct-tape after being stripped of her pajamas! Her legs not yet secured, the slender nude's allowed to walk down the staircase, but after she makes a break toward the back door, she's seated on a couch and her ankles taped. When spirited Alexa believes she has another opportunity to escape, she stands carefully and hops toward the front door where she frantically pulls on the handle; once again caught in the act, she's seated on the floor! When there's a knock on the door, Alexa briefly hopes for assistance but the ruthless captor hisses at her to remain silent!

The vicious thief brought rope as well as tape, so as a final expression of his dominance, Alexa's stretched out naked on a futon with her hands tethered above her head and her feet hitched below! After enjoying her writhing and tape-gagged whimpering, the heartless man plays a final headgame with Alexa by inserting wooden matches between her bare toes, then bringing a lighted match into tantalizing proximity! Although Alexa's slender bare feet remain unharmed, she's shaken by the event and naturally relieved by his long-delayed departure; as a final nasty gesture, however, he leaves her squirming unhappily against a crotch-rope!

When a confrontation goes sideways, alluring Riley Reyes finds herself in perilous restraint! Roped to a chair after being stripped to her bright blue bra and panties, Riley struggles wide-eyed and mouths a red ball-gag that causes her to drool uncontrollably! Her predicament becomes more troublesome after her legs are raised and held in place by a rope- chain link; as she strives to retain her balance, Riley recognizes how vulnerable her bare feet have become when troublesome fingers vibrate against her soft soles!

Blonde, blue-eyed, bound and gagged -- Riley Reyes understands that she's in a lot of trouble as she sits on a bed and twists in futility against the ropes tautly arrayed around her naked body! But Riley's not about to give up, so she rolls onto her side and kicks up her bare feet while energetically testing her bondage. When the feisty girl's unsympathetic captors respond to her strivings with a coil of rope that folds her legs tight against her upper body, Riley's momentarily left immobilized on her knees, then reasserts her determination to escape, though without success!

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