Aiden Ashley's Bondage Fantasy

Release Date: Oct.03.2019
Running Time: 0:52:48
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Aiden Ashley, Ash Hollywood, Kim Carter, Sophia Jade, Randy Moore


Meow! Predatory Aiden Ashley thrills to a fantasy in which she toys with her prey, a naked, ball-gagged and ball-tied Veronica Ricci! Aroused by Veronica's noisy struggling, Aiden fondles her breasts and feet and menaces the helpless girl with her spike heels!


Hiss! Pinned to the bondage horse by a taut rope web, petite blonde nude Ash Hollywood squeals through her bright yellow ball-gag as a snake slithers along her bare flesh (we're pretty sure the reptile's rubber)!


An unhappy captive, Kim Carter sits bare-skinned, bound and tape- gagged, her legs tethered to the couch where she'll soon be writhing on her side, ankles snared to her wrists!


Her soft little body forcefully trussed into a ball, wide-eyed Sophia Jade whimpers behind her tape gag and wriggles on the carpet until she topples over and exposes her pussy!


Stripped naked and hogtied with her own pantyhose, a tape-gagged Randy Moore twists and thrashes with spectacular energy in a failed attempt to release her wrists and ankles from their tenacious bonds!


Somebody save me! Aiden Ashley tries out the damsel in distress role when the dark- haired and willowy heroine's stripped, tape-gagged and hog-tied, then abandoned to struggle on a wooden coffee table! 


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