Dangerous Diva's Greatest Challenge

Release Date: Mar.19.2020
Running Time: 1:00:39
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Loren Chance, Kendra James, Shae Snow, Presley Hart

Dangerous Diva fights back against a malevolent conspiracy hatched by The Hooded Creeper and his two alluring accomplices!

Kendra James and Shae Snow approach the Diva with a surprising request: They want to become her apprentices in evildoing! Enticed by the caseful of cash accompanying the girls, The Dangerous One considers becoming their mentor -- but her thoughts are interrupted by the Creeper, who subdues her with assistance from his henchwomen!

Even as she lies bound and ball-gagged on the table, the Diva seethes with rage and confidently plans retribution for her enemies! The Creeper, however, uses a diabolical method to assail the Crime Queen's very identity!

Dangerous Diva risks all to get her mojo back! Then woe to those who were rash enough to conspire against her -- Kendra and Shae will rue the day they teamed up with the Creeper!

Kendra's the first to feel the wrath of a revitalized Diva! Surprised in her bedroom, the flame-haired girl's silenced with a black cleave, then harshly bound by The Dangerous One, who leaves Kendra hogtied and writhing on the bed!

Then party-girl Shae helps the Mistress of Malice celebrate her return to wickedness! Once Shae's barefoot, the Diva lustfully trusses and tape-gags her, then forces her to kneel on a couch, wrists tethered to ankles! Bare-breasted and defenseless, Shae whimpers as the Queen of Crime toys with her luscious body!

Naked and interlaced by the Diva's ropes, Kendra and Shae sit face to face and chew on their ball-gags while their exultant captor savors their struggles! Fearful for their future, the Creeper's pawns discover the downside of challenging a super-criminal!

After Dangerous Diva triumphs over the treacherous trio, it's back to work as the hard-working malefactor introduces adorable Presley Hart to her brand of bad behavior. After taping Presley's mouth, the Diva takes her time binding and fondling her prisoner's sweet nude body before hogtying her and stealing away!

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