Lady Lawyer's Bondage Liability

Release Date: Mar.19.2020
Running Time: 0:47:3
Category: Storylines

Starring: Stella Cox, Holly Manning

Ambitious attorney Holly Manning continues working even after cute housemate Stella Cox heads off to bed. But Holly's labors come to an abrupt conclusion when she's surprised by a hooded figure who binds her wrists behind her, gags her with duct-tape, then coils more rope around her chest before tying her ankles together and dumping her on the couch where she'd been seated! When Stella hears the disturbing sounds of Holly struggling, she returns downstairs barefoot in her robe and receives an identical ropework reception while her housemate writhes on her stomach! Once Stella's seated on the floor, the mystery man lifts her small feet onto his knee and begins to tickle her soles; when Holly kicks at him, he pulls of her flats and tickles her as well! Left in bondage together after the intruder disappears, Holly and Stella finally free themselves but remain mystified because nothing was stolen -- except their peace of mind. 

Still shaken by the events of a few days earlier, Stella's curled up on the couch talking on her phone with a friend. But when the call ends, she's in for a shocking episode of deja vu as another intruder's voice informs her that it's time for bondage again! Busty little Stella's trussed up naked this time, standing tethered to the stair-railing and crotch-roped as a pair of panties are stuffed into her mouth and held in place with a cleave-gag! Stella's still squirming fruitlessly when Holly returns home to the stunning surprise of her bound and naked housemate; she's then also roped standing in her blouse and skirt to the other railing and gagged with white tape! The bewildered lawyer's unable to free herself from the rope but manages to slip her bare feet from her high heels. Once again, Holly and Stella are confused by the incursion; when Holly phones the police, she's indignant that she and her housemate have been bound and gagged twice in a week, but can offer no leads to the authorities!

Despite their troubling experiences, Holly remains confident that the worst is behind them after she bolsters security at their home. And when they're bondage-free for weeks, she decides it's time for a celebration so both are dressed to party, with Holly in a tight black sleeveless top and leggings highlighted by bright red barely- there heeled sandals, while Stella's enticing in a red blouse, shirt leather skirt and pointy black heels. Sadly, Holly's confidence is misplaced, because when they open the door to their home, yet another stranger has eluded their security and the hapless pair are swiftly pinned with rope to wooden chairs and gagged with white cleaves! Struggling side-by-side, Stella and Holly can't believe they're reliving their nightmare once again; before long, the predatory visitor leaves after taking their shoes as trophies. Barefoot, bound and gagged, they twist and strain on the chairs, then manage to reach the floor, where they sit battling ropework near to the door! 

Holly's enraged by their continuing humiliation but rejects Stella's plaintive request to move. Instead, she hires a female PI who's worked with her before to search for potential enemies; Stella's hopeful but when a woman's hand presses against her mouth in the middle of the night, she's stunned when she recognizes the PI! Seated naked and bound against her bed's headboard, Stella haltingly questions the woman's treachery until mouth-stuffing and a duct-tape gag silences her! The voluptuous lass is soon joined in bondage by Holly, who's pushed into the bedroom in a tight top and shorts, then given the same cloth-and-tape treatment after castigating her betrayer! Stella and Holly maneuver awkwardly as they try to loosen their wrist bonds, then roll onto their stomachs and kick their toe-tied bare feet into the air; it's in this uncomfortable position that they're finally confronted by the motive for their harrowing ordeal!

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