Startled Into Restraint!

Release Date: Mar.05.2020
Running Time: 0:52:46
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Randy Moore, Natasha Warner, Jessie Rodgers, Dani Daniels, Alexa Bay, Sophia Jade


Predatory eyes watch supermodel Randy Moore as she naps, her fabulous body clad only in frilly white bra and panties! Surprised and overpowered, stripped of her lingerie, Randy kneels fully awake and fearful, her naked body snared with taut coils of white rope that slither around her breasts and between her legs, her glistening red lips separated by a white cleave-gag! After fondling the gorgeous girl's breasts and feet, Randy's adoring captor pushes her onto her stomach and secures her to the lounge with a final rope around her ankles!


Natasha Warner's nervous about the big party she's hosting, so when a bumbling tech can't get the rented big-screen TV correctly connected, she goes ballistic on him! Unfortunately for Natasha, he's got a low boiling- point himself and proves that he's better with ropes than electronics by tying up the stunned girl, taping her mouth and casually leaving her to wriggle and squeal on the floor!


Jessie Rogers' hostess in the big, bad city has one vital piece of advice for her sweet friend from the sticks: Don't open the door for anyone, no matter how innocent they sound! But when that knock on the door inevitably arrives, Jessie's home-town good manners take over, with predictable results! A visual symbol of evil triumphing over goodness, curly- haired blonde Jessie's trussed with black ropes that press tightly against her creamy flesh and white minidress; a gag silences her disillusioned protests! Amused by her struggles, the cynical intruder tethers Jessie on her side, removes her shoes and toys with her pink-nailed bare feet!


Before exiting, Jessie's tormentor prepares a shocking tableau for her hostess by stripping the helpless girl, then tying her to the stair-railing! Naked, crotch-roped and tape-gagged, Jessie strains pathetically against inescapable bondage, consoled only by the knowledge that she'll soon be released! But when her friend finally opens the door, it's Jessie who receives the greater shock -- her nude vulnerability arouses the woman, who teases and plays with the wide-eyed girl's defenseless body!


A tempting target for felons, lovely Dani Daniels lies tied and tape- gagged on her bed in her bra and panties, unable to warn house-mate Alexa Bay of their peril! Within moments of her return, Alexa's squirming next to Dani, her tiny body also ruthlessly bound, her lips sealed with tape! Before their ordeal ends, the terrified girls have been tethered wrist-to-ankle and forced to kneel face-to-face, their breasts and pussies exposed!


A photo shoot spirals out of control for newcomer Sophia Jade when the phony photographer conspires with Randy Moore to victimize the buxom little brunette! Roped to a chair in her lingerie, Sophia's being held for overseas transport, but Randy passes the time by pulling down the captive girl's bra and fondling her breasts! Spunky Sophia fights her bondage and squeals through her cleave-gag, but she's no match for Randy, who also toys with her soft little feet! 


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