Dangerous Diva's Triple Threat

Release Date: Apr.04.2019
Running Time: 0:58:14
Category: Storylines

Starring: Indica James, Holly Manning, Samantha Ryan, Melissa Jacobs, Kayden Kross

As helpless secretary Indica James lay blindfolded, bound and gagged on the floor while Dangerous Diva offloaded vital data from her laptop, she prayed that her nightmare would soon be over! But then the Diva decided to reward herself for a successful job by stripping Indica to her panties, taping her mouth, roping her lotus style, then making Indica's stiff nipples her private property!

Dollar signs danced in front of Holly Manning's eyes while her catsuited and tape gagged captive sat roped to a chair! But Holly's dreams of a fat reward dissolved after the Diva wriggled out of her bondage and turned the tough girl into a trussed up prisoner silenced by the tape over her mouth!

Years before, the snobbish girls had blackballed an angry young woman from their sorority. Now Dangerous Diva crashes their reunion and gains revenge on Samantha Ryan, Melissa Jacobs and Kayden Kross by binding and gagging them before fondling their naked bodies!

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