Distressed And Undressed

Release Date: Sep.26.2019
Running Time: 0:45:31
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Lexi Bloom, Nikki Scott, Karlie Montana, Melissa Jacobs, Embry Prada

OK, so maybe Lexi Bloom should win a Bad Friend Award for arriving home to find housemate Charlotte Stokely naked, bound and tape-gagged, then plays with the helpless girl instead of untying her! Naturally Charlotte squeals in disbelief at Lexi's treachery but how can we criticize her when she expertly fondles the slender blonde's luscious body -- then gets creative by hogtying her with leftover rope so she can tickle her indignant captive's bare soles?

Gorgeous blonde Nikki Scott simply oozes sensuality as a playful prisoner who's clearly turned on by her bondage! A black cleave separates Nikki's lips and black rope entwines a voluptuous body bursting out of frilly white lingerie while she sits on the edge of a platform and whimpers seductively! Before Nikki completes her captivating exhibition, she's kneeling bare-breasted on the platform and offering a tempting view of her round bottom and curvaceous bare soles!

Defiant when she's first roped standing to the grey cell-bars, booted and lingeried bad girl Karlie Montana ultimately learns a humiliating lesson in submission when her breasts are bared, her lips are spread by a ball-gag and a crotch-rope's tightened over panties that are yanked down to partially expose her snatch!

After her lithe naked body's trussed with brown rope, Melissa Jacobs' wide eyes grow even wider above the red ball strapped between her quivering lips! Droplets of saliva escape Melissa's ball-gagged mouth as she kicks her bare feet in the air while straining vigorously against her bonds! Bed-bound Melissa's difficulties increase after she's tethered wrist-to-ankle but she continues to thrash from side-to-side as she protests noisily against the miscreant who inflicted such an unpleasant surprise on her!

Fans of Lexi Bloom will get a special treat watching the petite and energetic starlet share captivity with buxom galpal Embry Prada! First tape-gagged and trussed up back-to-back on a bed, the naked prisoners scratch at each other's wrist ropes until they're hogtied! Embry struggles valiantly but it's dark-eyed Lexi who stops the show with writhing that displays every square inch of her enticing body!

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