Sexy Bondage Playthings

Release Date: Mar.13.2020
Running Time: 0:50:0
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Lena Shelby, Veronica Weston, Chanel Rae, Danielle Trixie, Annalynn Grace, Olga Snow, Brea Bennett
Lena Shelby's been in many a bind but rarely has she been toyed with so 
enticingly as 
when she encountered confident newcomer Veronica Weston.  Seated on a 
white shag 
carpet, Lena's secured in nude bondage that accenuates her firm breasts; 
gagged with duct tape over self-adhesive wrap, she murmurs hopefully when 
a potential 
rescuer arrives.  But mischievous Veronica has no intention of releasing this 
prize; instead she kneels down and samples Lena's nipples with fingers and 
before lifting her legs to admire those curvaceous bare feet.  Veronica returns 
to the 
dominant mode by rolling Lena on her hip and insolently inserting her hand 
the wide-eyed captive's legs!  Then it's time for Lena to wriggle on her 
stomach as 
Veronica turns her bottom a light shade of pink before raising those tender 
naked soles 
into position for a friendly tickling finale!    
Danielle Trixie was merely supposed to keep a watchful eye on bound and 
hostage Chanel Rae, but the sights and sounds of the long-legged blonde 
distress offered too great a temptation for Danielle to resist!  So the lustful 
little gang 
moll pulled open the top of Chanel's sundress and paid tribute to her breasts 
hands and mouth, then tilted up her captive's legs so she could test Chanel's 
bare soles for ticklishness!
Danielle undoubtedly believed she'd never see Chanel again after the 
hostage was 
released, but she was spectacularly mistaken.  
Chanel's rage simmered until she paid Danielle a surprise visit well-equipped 
with ropes 
and ball-gag; soon the vengeful blonde was towering over her trussed-up and 
little prisoner!  Chanel relished Danielle's pathetic whimpers as she pulled 
down her 
panties, then pushed her to the floor and tethered Danielle into a rope web on 
her hip.  
Snared in Chanel's trap, the chastened bad girl was powerless to resist the 
strong hands 
toying with her rope-framed breasts!
Sexy Slav Olga Snow's momentarily shocked to find buxom housemate 
Grace sitting on the floor in nothing but panties, her 
wrists and ankles crossed and rope-bound, her cries muffled by strips of duct 
tape!  But 
desire swiftly overwhelms Olga's dismay, so she 
takes advantage of squealing Annalynn's helpless plight by fondling her 
breasts!  After 
pulling down the squirming girl's panties, horny Olga pushes Annalynn onto 
stomach so she can spank her ample bottom and tickle her tender bare soles! 
They say what goes around comes around so Olga shouldn't be surprised 
Annalynn insists on retribution.  The one-time victim 
thrives on payback, first groping Olga's boobs while the former predator 
stands tied and 
tape-gagged in her clutches.  Annalynn then takes a seat on the couch, so she 
can relax 
while she exercises her feet against a kneeling Olga's chest and between her 
Revenge achieved, Annalynn leaves Olga squirming on her hip, colorful 
panties tangled 
around her bound ankles. 
Relaxing on her bed in a nighty, Brea Bennett's spooked by the alarming 
sound of a 
wooden door bursting open!  Yes, it's bad news for beautiful Brea, who's 
rapidly turned 
into a shivering bundle of pink flesh, frilly blue fabric and white rope.  Gagged 
with duct 
tape, Brea 
cautiously tests her bondage after rolling onto her side, but pitiless captors 
push her 
into a kneeling position that's secured by a tether 
to the headboard; Brea's restraint is tinged with embarrassment when her 
pussy's bared.


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