Monique Parent in Bondage

Release Date: Jul.06.2018
Running Time: 0:42:14
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Monique Parent

Workplace obsession escalates into bondage peril for lovely MILF wife Monique Parent!


Stylish in black dress and peep-toe pumps, Monique's stunned when Nikki Nefarious pays an uninvited visit to her home and professes her undying love for Monique's husband! When Monique indignantly rejects Nikki's bizarre suggestion to relinquish her husband, the love-crazed girl seizes her, renders Monique helpless with rope and silences her with silver duct tape! Understandably terrified, Monique strains against her bonds and fearfully awaits Nikki's next move!


Before the object of her affection returns home, Nikki decides to hide Monique in the guest bedroom! Deprived of her dress, a bare-breasted Monique struggles on the bed, hands tied under her knees, and squeals angrily behind her tape gag!


Nikki's in full psycho mode now and poor Monique pays the price! Stripped to her panties, the lovely redhead lies hogtied and tape-gagged on her bed in the master bedroom; despite her courageous efforts to free herself, Monique's defeated by the unyielding bondage! Rescue seems to be at hand when her husband appears, but he suggests that they play along with Nikki to prevent a catastrophic explosion of her rage!


Monique and Nikki provide a stark contrast in emotions: trussed to a chair, lips once again sealed with tape, the captive wife sits downcast and defenseless; quivering with excitement, Nikki's certain that her romantic gamble has paid off! When Monique's husband promises Nikki that he wants only her in his future, Monique's slumps in despair. But the wheel of fortune is about to make one final turn!


In a bonus scene unrelated to the preceding drama, Nikki overpowers and tapes a pajama-clad Monique, places her on a dining table and humiliates her by exposing her breasts! 


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