Blouses, Skirts, Ropes And Gags

Release Date: Mar.13.2020
Running Time: 0:53:2
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Ivy Jones, Alexa Grace, Natasha Ty, Samantha Hayes, Lena Anderson, Shay Evans, Ashley Lane

 Charlotte Stokely was proud of herself for tricking naive little Ivy Jones into revealing profitable company secrets. To make sure that Ivy didn't get wise and cause trouble, Charlotte bound the delicate girl and tied a black cleave between her lips, then sat her on a bench. While Charlotte phoned her partner to crow about her score, poor Ivy listened meekly, but recoiled when the predatory blonde began to toy with her bound body! Charlotte's high took a dive, however, when her shady partner seized the fruits of her illicit labors, then left the indignant con-girl trussed up next to Ivy! Equals in restraint, the bare-breasted pair struggled while sitting tethered on the bench before rolling onto the floor where their stockinged feet stroked the hardwood!

Step-by-step, Alexa Grace slowly edged her way dowm the staircase, her task complicated by the fact that her arms and legs were secured with rope! Alexa was colorfully clad in a blue sweater, red miniskirt and ornamented red peep- toe heels in preparation for an evening out when she was surprised, bound and gagged, but when her unpleasant visitors ignored her, the spirited blonde beauty made her move! When Alexa reached the bottom of the stairs, she kicked off her shoes and began to wriggle across the floor to the front door only a few feet away. But her absence upstairs had finally been noticed, so before long, barefoot Alexa sat tethered to a stair- railing so close to freedom, but so far away!

Diminutive Natasha Ty tried to run from the strangers who'd slipped into her home, but she was cornered in the bathroom and tied standing to a towel rack! The bespectacled office-worker was powerless to prevent cloth from being stuffed in her mouth and held in place by a wide black gag; her voice muffled, Natasha twisted apprehensively as her apartment was ransacked. Natasha's harrowing encounter with the dark side ended after her shoes and glasses were taken as trophies and she huddled bare-breasted on the floor! 

When Samantha Hayes confronted her crooked boss, she was confident because she knew that her friend and colleague Lena Anderson had her back. But Samantha was disastrously mistaken, a painful truth she discovered when six-foot tall Lena seized and overpowered her! Once Samantha was tied and tape-gagged, Lena toyed with her small plaything by tickling her stockinged soles and stroking the pantyhose panel between her legs! Towering over Samantha, Lena also fondled her rope-framed bare breasts first as they stood together, then after the stunned secretary curled up with her legs folded by a tether on top of her desk! 

Ashley Lane and Shay Evans were shocked when they returned home to find their apartment tossed, then found themselves sitting tied and gagged on the floor amidst strewn papers! The cautious burglars later made sure that their unhappy hostesses would remain subdued by seating them side-by-side in chairs, tightening more ropework around their chests and legs and replacing their white cleaves with duct-tape gags! The thieves also couldn't resist discovering the secrets that lay beneath the bound women's blouses, so well-endowed Ashley and ultra-busty Shay were left to squirm bare-breasted and press their stockinged toes against the wooden floor once the intruders departed! 

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