Binding The Pretty Blonde Prankster

Release Date: Mar.19.2020
Running Time: 0:45:55
Category: Storylines

Starring: Lily Larimar

 When her neighbor learned that online influencer Lily Larimar had recorded behavior that could damage his reputation as the wholesome local weatherman, he took immediate action. After Lily refused to surrender the embarrassing imagery, she was subdued with zipties, then he stuffed cloth in her mouth and sealed her lips with duct-tape. While the angry man searched her dwelling, the barefoot blonde sprite sat trapped in black plastic bonds on her couch until she slipped onto the floor. Lily remained immobilized there until he returned to briefly tickle her soles while informing her about his next move in their chess match.

Because Lily wouldn't cooperate, the weatherman decided to arrange provocative situations for her that he could record and post online. He began by placing her in a position that couldn't have been more revealing: Lily lay naked and spreadeagled on her bed and when she continued to defy the desperate man, he tape-gagged her again. Left to struggle, the helpless girl twisted desperately while straining against the ropes linking her wrists and ankles to the bedposts. When he came back and removed her gag, Lily claimed that she'd turn over the incriminating video, but her suspicious neighbor was skeptical. He was willing to limit her exposure, however, so her spread legs were closed by tying her ankles together.

The weatherman continued to treat Lily in a more moderate fashion by allowing her to clothe herself in dress and heels but kept her under control with rope and tape. Standing bound and gagged in a corner tantalizingly near a side-door, Lily twisted cautiously while balancing on her spike-heeled sandals. The remorseful prankster was later permitted to sit on a small wooden chair, where she struggled more vigorously, but the volatile man would soon return Lily to a much less comfortable position.

Stripped naked again, Lily's slender, pale-skinned body was perched in a ball-tie on the glistening white tiles of her kitchen island. Her wide eyes expressed Lily's awareness of this precarious position so she moved carefully while battling her rope web, although she did kick up her bare feet in frustration. But Lily's restrictive plight became more extreme after she was abruptly turned onto her stomach so that a hogtie could be applied. Arching energetically, she raised her head high while uttering pathetic sounds behind the silver tape sealing her lips.

This contentious but one-sided encounter between two hostile neighbors concluded with Lily modestly clothed in blouse, skirt, pantyhose and heels and held high above the floor in the weatherman's arms. Bound and gagged with duct-tape, Lily was seated on a chair, where she remained in bewildered submission while her enemy boasted about his scheme to ruin her online reputation. After her heels were removed and a broad band of tape wrapped around her chest, Lily slipped onto the carpet, where she wriggled in her stockinged feet until rescue arrived in the person of an astonished friend.

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