Cheerleader's Bondage Adventure

Release Date: Mar.13.2020
Running Time: 0:48:26
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Scarlett Sage, Lola Pearl

All alone in her spacious home, peppy little cheerleader Scarlett Sage was practicing her routines when a very unwelcome visitor appeared. Masked, booted and black-clad beauty Lola Pearl wasted no time in turning Scarlett into her bound and gagged plaything, then toyed with her colorful costume while she stood defenseless and trembling before the towering villainess! After the unhappy cheerleader's ankles were tied together and she was seated against an ornamental rock, Lola continued to mock her, even taking a selfie with Scarlett as she writhed and whimpered!

Lola took her merciless domination to a new level after perching the trussed-up cheerleader on the bar's countertop and replacing her cleave-gag with a black ball-gag! Then Lola removed Scarlett's sneakers and socks and gleefully ticked her bondage toy's tiny bare feet before turning her attention above her captive's waist! As Scarlett drooled pathetically, the willowy woman in black tugged up the top of her uniform and subjected her perky breasts to a wicked nipple-tweaking ordeal!

Never underestimate a spunky cheerleader -- if Lola had kept that maxim in mind, she wouldn't have found herself in an embarrassing bind of her own. With Lola's sleek form subdued by rope and pinned to a chair, Scarlett initiated her payback campaign by tightly strapping the black ball-gag she'd mouthed between the struggling beauty's lips! The cheerleader taunted Lola with her pom-poms, then escalated her vendetta by unmasking the wicked woman and baring her breasts; once Lola's nipples were vulnerable, they received the same mischievous treatment she'd bestowed on Scarlett! In-your-face straddling and a selfie recording the cheerleader's triumph were deeply satisfying, but Scarlett was far from finished with Lola.

Stripped to her panties and transferred to Scarlett's bedroom, Lola sat bound on the cheerleader's bed and tried to reason with the little dynamo. But Scarlett responded by jamming a chunk of cloth in her mouth, then finishing off the gag with duct- tape; once Lola was silenced, the vindictive sprite straddled her prone body for another round of nipple-play! Lola's tight bottom became the next focus of Scarlett's attention after she was rolled onto her stomach; her squeals resounded as her cheeks reddened from an unexpected spanking! A hogtie rendered Lola's shapely bare feet far too temptingly prominent for Scarlett to ignore so her fingernails probed soft soles powerless to resist! Exhilarated by her control of the humiliated woman's bound body, Scarlett envisioned more hands-on familiarity -- until she was decisively interrupted.

While Scarlett was carrying out her vengeful campaign at the expense of Lola's bound body, a pair of burglars slipped inside what seemed to be an empty house; imagine their surprise when they opened the bedroom door to encounter an apparent example of extreme eroticism! But they had the advantage over Scarlett, who surrendered her cheerleader uniform to a female thief in search of a Halloween costume, then joined Lola in near-naked bondage, her white panties an appropriate contrast to her enemy's black thong! Enmity certainly flourished as the hostile pair mumbled insults behind their tape-gags while seated against the bed's headboard, then thrust their rope- secured bodies against each other back and forth across the bed until they lay face-to- face on their sides! Bondage warfare at an end, Lola and Scarlett reacted to their accidental proximity with a sensual responsiveness that came as a shock to both.

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